A broken pelvis and sleeping on the floor.

Two weeks ago, I moved to France.  What happened?

  • A broken pelvis,
  • sleeping on the kitchen floor,
  • almost writing off my Tesla.

First off, my move to France had two phases.

  1. Take all of my office and computer stuff over to France in a van myself.
  2. Hire a moving firm to move all of my household stuff into storage.

The move seemed to go well until the moving truck backed into my Tesla and left a huge dent in the door.

After about 4 or 5 days of being in France, I finally got my office set up, my computers online, and the house in order and tidied up.

I had almost finished unpacking when my cat, Miriam, stumbled into the kitchen with an injury to her back leg. It was late at night. So I couldn’t go to the vet.

She seemed to be in pain when I tried to move her, so I left her on the kitchen floor and put my duvet next to her.

I ended up sleeping on the floor with Miriam that night.

The next day, I took her to the vet for an x-ray and we found out that she had a broken pelvis.

cat at vets

Earlier today, Miriam had a special operation where they inserted a metal plate to repair her pelvis.

Apparently, she’s pulled through and is absolutely fine. We collect her on Saturday. I guess it’s going to be quite a long recovery for her.


The big lesson I learned from moving to France is, don’t try and do too much yourself.

I definitely think I tried to do too much stuff myself, driving the van, loading boxes, unloading dishwashers and fridges with Dave.

I think I’ll hire someone else to do that next time!!

The same can be true in business.

If you try and do too much stuff yourself, you’ll end up running around in circles, never actually accomplishing anything.

If you really want to get ahead in business quickly, or want to get ahead with affiliate marketing, and massively accelerate your results, you really should hire experts.

In other words, hire outsources to do the tasks, you’re either no good at


to do the tasks, which you hate doing.

Outsourcing has definitely helped me grow my business enormously over the last 12 months.                  

Would you like to find out the secrets outsourcing?

I would like to invite you to an online training class where I’ll show you exactly how you can outsource traffic generation and profit from that traffic.

Register for this class 🙂


All the best.



Really sorry I won’t be attending the London lunch today because of all the problems with Miriam and her broken pelvis.

Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – How I Made 300K Sitting In My Car!

Wow I can hardly believe I’ve made over quarter of a million dollars sitting in the front seat of my car !

How did I do this?

Am I the world’s most expensive uber driver?
Maybe I’m an exclusive getaway driver?

Well, the simple answer is, sales videos. As you probably know I’ve made a couple of sales videos sitting in my car such as Affiliate Formula X.

And as you may know from  previous newsletters – its called “Pattern Interrupt”

This morning I did a calculation of how much money I’ve made using my Range Rover Evoque and it is well over the 300k mark!!

Well the time has come to sell my trusty range Rover Evoque. I’m planning to upgrade to an electric car, a Tesla model S.

I will miss my Range Rover, however, as it’s been an incredibly reliable car and great fun to drive. Also, as it’s been my first ever car I will be sorry to see it go.


I’ve never actually sold a car before so I wasn’t sure how to go about it.

I came to the conclusion that the best thing I could do was take lots of photos and also make a sales video!!


If you’re interested in buying my car you can view it on
eBay here.

Anyone who buys my car I would be happy to throw in some free coaching as an extra bonus!!!


I think we over ordered again!

I just love Indian food, I enjoy cooking it and I also enjoy going out to Indian restaurants.

However, it can be quite hard to find Indian restaurants that serve good food!!

One trick is to see if a menu has any special order items on it. My local Indian restaurant round the corner has such items on it.

One was a leg of lamb. The menu stated you needed to give at least 24 hours notice.

Ok, so I had to give this a try.

I phoned up the restaurant and ordered a leg of lamb, they seemed a little bit surprised, I guess not very many people order this!!

We turned up to the restaurant and there was a table reserved for us. The waiters wheeled out this leg of lamb on a trolley and everybody in the restaurant turned round to look!

Wow, the meat was falling off the bone. We had a fantastic meal but we definitely over ordered!!

We took the rest of it home. So far we’ve had sandwiches, and I have also made lamb curry out of the remains.

It was actually incredibly cheap for what it was. It cost £50 for the leg of lamb, however this probably would’ve been enough to feed at least four or five people.

So if a group of people want to go out to an Indian restaurant this would definitely be worth considering….

Where do high ticket sales come from?

A lot of my success has come down to one thing, and that is video marketing of some sort.

Getting affiliate review videos ranked in Google

YouTube advertising

making sales videos, sometimes in my car!

Outsourcing video production

In fact most of my high ticket sales, $2000-$10,000 come as a direct result of somebody seeing a video on YouTube!

Because of this, I have decided to produce a brand-new course teaching everything I know about how I make money with video marketing.

If this is something that might interest you please reply to this email.

Infusionsoft Mastery by Troy A. Broussard


This is a book that was recommended to me on the Internet marketers cruise. If you’re in Infusionsoft user this is a definite “must-read”.

It Is not really a technical manual it’s more of a book on sales strategy and behavioural marketing.

I bought both the paper book and the Kindle book.





Quick tip……

Some books don’t have an audible version, audible is an audiobook service.

However I do have a Kindle which has a text to speech function. This is a function that was discontinued due to writers objecting. I guess they wanted an extra fee if a machine was reading out the text????

Anyway the Kindle DX (currently discontinued and was only available in the USA) has this feature.

If you want to get one you have to get one on eBay, that’s where I got mine.

Whenever I go on a long car journey I set my Kindle to text-to-speech and get it to read the book to me and that’s exactly what I did with Infusionsoft Mastery!

Movies: Imperium


Last night I watched a fantastic film called Imperium. This is a story about a young FBI agent who goes undercover to infiltrate a white supremacist group that’s plotting to build a nuclear device.

The interesting thing about this film was, it was all about how to influence people.

One scene which I found interesting was, when the FBI agent was getting advice from a colleague, the colleague told him that the only training he needed when working undercover was in this book.

“How to Win Friends and Influence People”!

The great thing about this film is he actually uses his brain to get out of tough situations rather than just running around with a gun!!

A great suspense thriller.

All the best,

Sarah Staar

Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – I Made Everybody Laugh

Last week I attended a driver’s awareness course. This was because I got caught speeding and was given the choice to either have some points put on my licence or attend a one-day driver awareness course.

The course was held in a local Hilton hotel in one of their conference rooms.

The setup looked very familiar, a bit like an Internet marketing workshop!

It was actually great fun, got to do a bit of public speaking!! and I got chatting to loads of people at the event.

The course consisted of a PowerPoint presentation  which was actually very well put together. And then group discussions about what had just been covered in the presentation.

Each table had to have a spokesperson, at the end of each section that person would tell the rest of the group what conclusions their table had come up with.

My table was first…..

I stood up and walked to the front of the room and started presenting, a bit like I was at an Internet marketing event.

I think this made the organisers of the event a little bit surprised.

Then everybody else  from the other tables felt like they had to do the same….. The organisers told me this is the first time that had ever happened.

laughI did make everybody laugh at one point.

At the end of the day they asked for 3 volunteers  to stand up and explain how they were going to  remember to stick to the speed limit.

One of my answers was, I’ve ordered a brand-new self-driving car, and my car will not drive over the speed limit  because it’s driving itself. Of course I was referring to my Tesla.

Everybody thought this was hilarious, and the course organisers were a little taken back….


It never rains but it pours…..

A couple of weeks ago I was at Ben Father’s workshop and got chatting to Neil Stafford.

Neil explained how he was using direct mail to promote his webinars. I told Neil that I would definitely  try his strategy out  with my next webinar.

So last week I decided to take the plunge  and do my first ever piece of direct mail  to promote a webinar.

Now I say direct mail, what I am talking about is old-fashioned paper post, remember that???

Last Friday  I put together a one page sales letter saved it as a word document and sent it over to a company which I found called Stannp.

The letter, which is advertising my webinar, was sent out to a small segment of my UK list.

This is really just a test to see how many webinar signups I can get from a piece of direct mail.

Problem number 1

This morning at 7am I had an email from one of my customers saying that he’d received my sales letter and he tried to go to the website address but it had not worked?

The website address he was going to was…..     www. sarahsystem .com

I have to say was a bit baffled because I had tested the link and it was working the day before?

I had a quick look in my web browser and typed in the link sarahsystem .com and it was working fine.

It turned out that I hadn’t done the domain name redirect correctly.

If you typed in www in front of the domain name it did not work!!!

After frantically messing around inside the Namecheap control panel I finally worked out what I had done wrong.

You see Namecheap has recently changed the way it uses redirects and I wasn’t familiar with how things worked.

Anyway  it’s all working now it just goes to show that you need to check double check and triple check!!!


Problem number 2

 I spent this afternoon in Chichester doing some shopping, I got home at about 3.30pm and noticed a problem with my Leadpages account.

It turned out  that one of my squeeze pages wasn’t working correctly, Leadpages actually informed me that it was a problem on their end!!!

Lucky for me I’ve also got an account with Clickfunnels,  I got Angela from my team to duplicate the pages which had problems inside Clickfunnels. Luckily we managed to do this all within  20 minutes.

It just goes to show that having  an outsourcing team to hand  can sometimes get problems cleared up really quickly.

Let’s hope there isn’t a problem number 3 later today…

Whatever you’ve got planned for Thursday…… cancel it!

Have you ever asked yourself why is it that some people seem to have massive success with Internet marketing whilst others don’t.

Have you ever tried to make money online and failed?

Don’t worry it’s not your fault. Most people are using completely the wrong affiliate marketing strategies.

This Thursday I want to set the record straight and show you, the missing link, promoting high ticket affiliate products.

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If you’re sick and tired of struggling with Internet marketing and you want to start seeing results within the next seven days then you need to attend this class.

Whatever you’ve got planned for Thursday cancel it!! You will not be disappointed.

Cool free tools

Over the weekend I found a great new tool  called  stylifyme. You simply input a webpage URL and stylifyme will tell you  the font and colours that are being used on that page.



All the best,


Sarah Staar