Is Analogue Better Than Digital?

I think it’s really sad that we’ve all got used to listening to really bad quality music from our mobile phones using file formats such as MP3.

It wasn’t very long ago when we all had a relatively high quality Hi-Fi system in our living room using a record player. Remember those?

Unlike a lot of people, Dave and I never threw away our vinyl collection and we still have a Hi-Fi system in our living room.

In fact, last week I was unpacking the record player, Dave and I sat down for an afternoon listening to some old rock classics such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

You forget how good vinyl can sound through a good Hi-Fi system.

record player

There’s a kind of misconception that digital must always be better than analogue. 

Take our house for instance, when we installed our under floor heating, we opted to go for the most fancy thermostats we could find.

These were digital thermostats, which connected to the internet, so theoretically anyway we could control the heating from anywhere in the world.

It sounded like a really cool idea, however things didn’t turn out so well.

We quickly found out that these thermostats were so complicated to use that they ended up being useless.

After all, if you need to get a user manual out just to turn the thermostat up or down, the device is fundamentally flawed in my opinion.

Last week Dave and I had finally had enough. We went online and ordered the most basic analogue dial thermostats we could find.

Earlier this morning Amazon delivery turned up and I spent most of the day installing analogue thermostats throughout the house.

Wow, they’re so easy to use.

Why didn’t we do this years ago?

The same can be true for internet marketing. It’s very easy to get sucked into the latest greatest social media craze or the latest way of making money.

When actually, the best ways of making money on the internet are the tried and tested analogue ways of making money.

98% of my revenue that I make in my business comes from tried and tested marketing techniques, which I’ve been using for 10 years.

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all the best,

Sarah Staar

How Did I Benefit From A Bad Situation

A couple of weeks ago, my Tesla got pranged by one of the moving vans when I moved to France.

This is particularly annoying, as it’s such a beautiful car I find it rather embarrassing having a dent in the side of my car.

Anyway, I called up one of the Tesla-approved garages to get a quote on how much it will cost to fix this relatively small dent. Well, guess what?

It’s going to cost nearly £3,000 to fix this small dent!

It’s going to cost so much to fix because they have to repaint half the car!

The car is painted with something called a three-stage pearl paint, which apparently is incredibly difficult to colour match.

I called up the insurance company yesterday to make a claim. I got through to the insurance company quickly enough, spoke to somebody for about two minutes who promptly put me on hold.

I jokingly said to Dave, who was sitting on the desk opposite me, “I bet he puts me on hold for 45 minutes,” and then I get cut off.

Dave said, “That is definitely a possibility.”

I thought I would use this time wisely.

I put the phone on speaker whilst the call centre played me some horribly annoying music.

I decided to use the time to change my address details on my driving licence.

I’ve been putting this off for the last couple of weeks because I was expecting it to take forever, and be really complicated.

I logged onto the website easily enough, and guess what?

It only took six minutes?

Anyway, to get back to my call with the insurance company, guess what?

I was on hold for 45 minutes, and then got cut off.

I called them back. After another 30 minutes on the phone, I finally had my claim filed.

What’s the moral of this story?

First of all:

  1. I didn’t let it upset me, because I mentally predicted it would take a long time.
  2. I then used my time wisely to do something I’d been putting off for a long time.

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all the best,

Sarah Staar

By the way: Miriam, my cat, is the mend. She’s walking again, just.