My health reboot

I never thought I would be saying these words, this month I became a vegan!!

I’ve always been a meat lover and a fast food junkie. In fact I’ve been eating meat every single day for the last 40 years!!

About a month ago I watched the movie “What The Health” on Netflix and it really struck a cord.

I realised it was only a matter of time before I had a heart attack, became diabetic, or had a stroke.

I knew I need to change my life and change what I put into my body. Things changed for me at the last London lunch.


I had a Kobe burger it came to the table and it was enormous.

After eating that burger I felt so bloated,a bit like you do after Christmas lunch. In fact we were all commenting about how full we were, I think it was that moment that I thought I will never eat meat or dairy again!

After almost a month I’ve lost 7 kg and I’m feeling great. The weird thing is I don’t miss meat or dairy at all!! I’ve lost all my cravings for fast food and sugar. And the best part is I haven’t had to give up my favorite foods.

I’ve been discovering new ingredients and ways to cook vegan versions of my favorite dishes.

Tomato Pasta sauce
shepherds pie
Chilli con carne
Meatballs in goulash sauce

Most people think that if you turn vegan all the food will be boring. I think nothing could be further from the truth.

The bottom line is, I’m enjoying the food, I have more energy and am losing weight!!

I decided to go fully vegan because a diet without any meat or dairy products contains a lot less saturated fat, which is related to increased cholesterol levels and increased risk of heart disease.

For me the big problem has always been diets, I’ve tried loads of diets

alternate day fasting
high protein diet
low-carb diet

All these diets worked but I found it very hard to keep up and eventually slipped back into my old ways and put all the weight back on.

The thing I like about the vegan lifestyle is it is not a diet it’s a way of life.

Also I don’t feel like I’m on a diet…

Go and watch the film “What The Health” on Netflix.