Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Video Review

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[spoiler]Hi, Sara Starr speaking here. Today we’re going to be talking about
affiliate marketing, and I just want to run through a few things that you
need to do to become a successful affiliate. The first thing, kind of like
the core thing that you need to do, is some proper market research, and
that includes finding some profitable products.

Products, when I say a profitable product, I mean a product that’s going to
sell very, very easily. In other words, it’s like a best-selling product,
and also, it’s going to pay you a decent commission. So, that’s the first
thing you need to do.

The second thing you need to do is to build a website, write a review of
that product, and place it on your website. The next thing you need to do
is find some traffic and/or buy some traffic, and send it to view on your
website. Now, some of those people will click on the link in your review,
and visit the vendor’s website, and some of those people will purchase the
product and then you’ll make a commission.

So, that’s affiliate marketing in a very, very simplified form. However, a
lot of people get stuck with affiliate marketing simply because of the
cost. A lot of people don’t want to have to buy expensive domain names.
They don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up hosting, building
websites, et cetera, or buying expensive traffic from banner advertisers or
from PPC. A lot of people struggle with this, because they don’t want to go
through all the hassle of paying for expensive traffic, et cetera.

Now, a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across an amazing new course called
Easy Paycheque formula. Now, Easy Paycheque formula actually goes through
all these details which I just explained in fantastic detail. Not only in
the way I just described, but also in a way that doesn’t involve any cost
at all, which is absolutely fantastic.

So Easy Paycheque formula actually takes you through the whole process, but
without needing to build your own website, without needing to buy expensive
domain names, and the best thing is without needing to pay for paid
traffic. So all the elements of affiliate marketing are covered in this
course, and the traffic section alone is absolutely incredible. The traffic
techniques that are taught in this course, they go into great detail about
how to send traffic, completely free traffic, and I’m not just talking
about search engine optimization, although that is covered, I’m talking
about traffic from other sources on the Internet, free traffic.

They go into this in great detail in this course. I’m so impressed with
this course, what I’ve decided to do, is to go inside the member’s area,
and just show you some of the content that, basically, is covered in this
course. Once you login to the site, you’re presented with this welcome
video, and a table of contents. This is all the content that comes with the
course, these are the modules, and each one of these modules is multiple

The great thing is, like I said, as well as the videos, you also get the
full eBook as a pdf download, so it’s got it here. And in this book, it
goes into great detail, with really good screen shots showing you exactly
how to do everything. And the course consists of 274 pages, so there’s a
lot of good information there, and some really good stuff.

I just want to show you, as an example, the Traffic Section. So, I’ve got
to click on the Traffic, and going into an introduction here, you can see
there are loads and loads of videos here. There are about five videos just
in this module alone. The great thing is, with each of the videos, you can
actually download the video as well, so not only can you see it on the
website, you can also download everything. So, that’s really useful,
because a lot of people just want to download the videos, and watch them on
their iPhone or on their Android phone at a later date.

The other thing you can do is you can download the transcripts of all the
videos. Like I said, the content in this course really does go into great
detail. Everything you need to do to be a successful affiliate, but the
best thing is it’s a bit more than that, it’s how to make money as an
affiliate without really having to invest any money in web hosting or
domain names, et cetera. That’s Easy Paycheque formula. I highly recommend
it, and there’s some great information here within the member’s area.

That’s Easy Paycheque formula. I think you’ll agree it’s an absolutely
incredible course. I really enjoyed it. The best thing about this course is
it’s not only a video course, it’s also an eBook, a full, very, very
comprehensive – I think there are about 250 pages or so – eBook.

One quick tip with these types of courses. Normally, what I do, is when I
go through a course like this, I’ll print out the entire book and put it in
a binder, and have that as my workbook for the whole course. Now, a 200-
page book, unless you’ve got a really good laser printer, that’s going to
be tough to print out. So when I deal with 200- or 300-page books like
this, I normally save it to a thumb drive, and I go to a High Street, like,
printing shop, there’s like a Quirky Print just down the road from me, and
I give them the thumb drive, and they usually charge me about ten pounds,
about $10, to print the whole thing out and bind it.

That’s really useful, because then you can open the book at page 1 and just
start going through it step by step. Normally, what I do is I just have a
felt tip pen, and just start writing in the margin my notes, and then when
I actually start implementing the course and problems I have or things
which I found out, I write in the book. And I use that as, if you like, my
workbook for the course, and I really recommend that you do that when you
start implementing this course.

So I highly recommend Easy Paycheque formula. I know the content in this
course is good, because I actually use a lot of the techniques that are
talked about in this course in my business every single week. So I know
this stuff works. And I know that, if you implement this course, you should
be able to make your first $100 this summer very, very quickly. So click on
the link below this video, and start implementing this course so that you
can make your first $100 online. [/spoiler]