Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – A Call For Help

Oh crap !! What to do ?

I am in a strange country, in a town I don’t know – Phoenix, Arizona

I am on my own.

It’s 10pm.

I have lost my mobile phone.

I have no idea where I am.

I have no idea where I am staying either, so can’t get back to where I was staying.

I have no internet access…

This is how it happened…

On Friday night I decided to do a little bit of food shopping at the local supermarket, I called an Uber cab and it drove me to a supermarket.

The cab driver asked if I wanted to charge my mobile phone, I said yes and plugged my mobile phone in to charge, and then forgot about it.

10 minutes later the cab driver dropped me off at the supermarket and drove off.

I walked into the supermarket, and then it dawned on me, no mobile phone!

Now the worst part was, I didn’t actually know the address of where I was staying!

Everything was saved in the cloud and accessed via my mobile phone!

So there I was standing in a small supermarket, 10 o’clock at night, in a foreign country.

I sat down on a bench outside the supermarket and thought to myself,

“Sarah, work the problem…”

The plan I came up with was to purchase a new mobile phone and then log onto my Google account to retrieve the information I needed.

The supermarket didn’t sell mobile phones, so with the last of my US $ change I jumped into a yellow cab and got them to take me to the local Walmart, where I was pretty sure that they would sell mobile phones.

Finally about an hour later I had a brand-new working prepaid mobile phone.

I tried logging onto my Google account, however, Google insisted on two-factor authentication.

That wasn’t going to work, not with my memory!

I must’ve been in the Walmart for an hour and a half, trying to workout what the hell to do.

Eventually I managed to get Skype installed.

Fortunately I managed to remember my username and password.

I went through all of my contacts trying to phone people, but it was the middle of the night in the UK.

Finally, I got through to Kathy from my support desk, and she was able to log onto my Google account for me and retrieve my address!

I finally got back to the house at around 2:30 AM  very stressed out!! I contacted Uber and the driver dropped off my phone 20 minutes later !

People you meet when you are in trouble.

I want to say a massive “thank you” to a guy called Richard at the WalMart.

He was the guy that set the phone up and got me a pre-paid account with a service provider.

By the way, Richard is in a wheelchair and suffers from cerebral palsy.

A nicer, more friendly, more helpful, and more knowledgable guy you couldn’t find at midnight in a strange city, in a strange country.

The moral of the story

 I’m treating this as one big learning experience, shit happens, and when it does, treat it as a learning experience, that’s what I’ve always done in business.

Always have important information such as hotel address, phone numbers etc written down on a piece of paper, and also available in the cloud/ online but not behind a password protected account.

Next time I will have all my contact information I need on a sheet of paper, and also in a PDF document uploaded to my website…

Phoenix Infusionsoft – icon 2017

Okay, so I was in Phoenix Arizona attending the Infusionsoft annual seminar icon17.

This is a large convention, 3000+ people, for Infusionsoft users. In case you don’t know Infusionsoft is the Customer Relationship Management system I use to send out all my emails and keep customer information.

Icon17 consisted of three main elements for me.

  • The workshops / Training
  • The exhibitor stands / Marketplace
  • Networking

This was probably the first event I’ve ever been to where I had a very clear plan of what I wanted to achieve.

Icon event 2017

My main goal was to connect with new companies and service providers to provide the infrastructure to support the continued growth of Sarah Staar Business School Inc.

With that in mind I decided to visit every single exhibitor at the show and talk to as many people as possible, this took me three days!!



I made some amazing new connections, and picked up some incredible information along the way,  without a doubt this has been the best event I’ve ever attended!


Icon17 took place in a convention center so I decided to use Airbnb for the first time, instead of the usual hotel

airbnbAngelaI was attending icon17 with Angela (you may know her from the support desk) We managed to rent an entire house for less money than it would have cost to stay in a hotel!

To be absolutely honest I actually preferred staying in a luxury house rather than a hotel.


Thursday afternoon icon17 ended and Angela flew back home. I wasn’t flying back home till Sunday so had a couple of free days. My plan was to spend Friday Chilling out in the house and then spend Saturday visiting the Grand Canyon.

My Grand Canyon trip

My flight back to the UK wasn’t until Sunday, so I decided to use the spare time to “do” the Grand Canyon.

Grand-Canyon-co-pilotI left the house at 6 AM, for short cab journey to the local airport where I boarded a small plane and actually got to be co-pilot on my way to the Grand Canyon.I then rented a helicopter and flew down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon for a boat trip.






What an amazing trip, some incredible scenery, too many photos to post here but here’s a small taster of what I saw.






The London Meetup – Monday 8th May

Next Monday I am starting the London meet up again, this is a free networking event held in central London.

If you’re around next Monday evening it would be great if you could come along.

Sign up for the London meetup 🙂

This month I decided to centre the entire London meet up around traffic generation, seeing as how traffic generation is the backbone of any Internet marketing business.

Topics covered will be,

  • Paid advertising
  • Free website traffic
  • How to reverse engineer competitors traffic.

I will be showing you the best free traffic techniques as well as some of the best paid traffic techniques & services which I’ve never spoken in public about before.

After the (free) training there will be opportunities to network with each other and also have a chat to some of the panellists, last time I ran these meetups we were usually there until about 11 o’clock at night!

Remember to bring some business cards and a notepad to take some notes.

(Please note this is not a sales event, so no selling or pitching please)

Sign up for the London meetup 🙂


All the best,


Sarah Staar

Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – How I Made 300K Sitting In My Car!

Wow I can hardly believe I’ve made over quarter of a million dollars sitting in the front seat of my car !

How did I do this?

Am I the world’s most expensive uber driver?
Maybe I’m an exclusive getaway driver?

Well, the simple answer is, sales videos. As you probably know I’ve made a couple of sales videos sitting in my car such as Affiliate Formula X.

And as you may know from  previous newsletters – its called “Pattern Interrupt”

This morning I did a calculation of how much money I’ve made using my Range Rover Evoque and it is well over the 300k mark!!

Well the time has come to sell my trusty range Rover Evoque. I’m planning to upgrade to an electric car, a Tesla model S.

I will miss my Range Rover, however, as it’s been an incredibly reliable car and great fun to drive. Also, as it’s been my first ever car I will be sorry to see it go.


I’ve never actually sold a car before so I wasn’t sure how to go about it.

I came to the conclusion that the best thing I could do was take lots of photos and also make a sales video!!


If you’re interested in buying my car you can view it on
eBay here.

Anyone who buys my car I would be happy to throw in some free coaching as an extra bonus!!!


I think we over ordered again!

I just love Indian food, I enjoy cooking it and I also enjoy going out to Indian restaurants.

However, it can be quite hard to find Indian restaurants that serve good food!!

One trick is to see if a menu has any special order items on it. My local Indian restaurant round the corner has such items on it.

One was a leg of lamb. The menu stated you needed to give at least 24 hours notice.

Ok, so I had to give this a try.

I phoned up the restaurant and ordered a leg of lamb, they seemed a little bit surprised, I guess not very many people order this!!

We turned up to the restaurant and there was a table reserved for us. The waiters wheeled out this leg of lamb on a trolley and everybody in the restaurant turned round to look!

Wow, the meat was falling off the bone. We had a fantastic meal but we definitely over ordered!!

We took the rest of it home. So far we’ve had sandwiches, and I have also made lamb curry out of the remains.

It was actually incredibly cheap for what it was. It cost £50 for the leg of lamb, however this probably would’ve been enough to feed at least four or five people.

So if a group of people want to go out to an Indian restaurant this would definitely be worth considering….

Where do high ticket sales come from?

A lot of my success has come down to one thing, and that is video marketing of some sort.

Getting affiliate review videos ranked in Google

YouTube advertising

making sales videos, sometimes in my car!

Outsourcing video production

In fact most of my high ticket sales, $2000-$10,000 come as a direct result of somebody seeing a video on YouTube!

Because of this, I have decided to produce a brand-new course teaching everything I know about how I make money with video marketing.

If this is something that might interest you please reply to this email.

Infusionsoft Mastery by Troy A. Broussard


This is a book that was recommended to me on the Internet marketers cruise. If you’re in Infusionsoft user this is a definite “must-read”.

It Is not really a technical manual it’s more of a book on sales strategy and behavioural marketing.

I bought both the paper book and the Kindle book.





Quick tip……

Some books don’t have an audible version, audible is an audiobook service.

However I do have a Kindle which has a text to speech function. This is a function that was discontinued due to writers objecting. I guess they wanted an extra fee if a machine was reading out the text????

Anyway the Kindle DX (currently discontinued and was only available in the USA) has this feature.

If you want to get one you have to get one on eBay, that’s where I got mine.

Whenever I go on a long car journey I set my Kindle to text-to-speech and get it to read the book to me and that’s exactly what I did with Infusionsoft Mastery!

Movies: Imperium


Last night I watched a fantastic film called Imperium. This is a story about a young FBI agent who goes undercover to infiltrate a white supremacist group that’s plotting to build a nuclear device.

The interesting thing about this film was, it was all about how to influence people.

One scene which I found interesting was, when the FBI agent was getting advice from a colleague, the colleague told him that the only training he needed when working undercover was in this book.

“How to Win Friends and Influence People”!

The great thing about this film is he actually uses his brain to get out of tough situations rather than just running around with a gun!!

A great suspense thriller.

All the best,

Sarah Staar

Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – The $250K Pizza

Sorry I have been too busy to write a newsletter for a few weeks.

There is so much cool stuff going on in my head is about to explode and it’s difficult to know where to start ……

Wow I can’t believe we’re already in February!! I have to say January has been a complete blast…

I have to start somewhere so let’s start with the Marketers Cruise…..

As most of you know I spent a week on the Internet Marketers Cruise this January and learnt so many new things!

Captain And SarahI got to hang out with Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal, and loads of other internet millionaires, including my good friend Tye Cohen.

Trust me on this, there is absolutely nothing like having a coffee or dinner with someone you’ve only ever met online, or whose books you have read.

It’s called interacting with a real person!!


It’s a completely different experience to seeing somebody on stage or on a webinar and being able to chat face-to-face with them in person can be a real game changer.

You get to ask any question you like and get a straight answer.

So let me ask you….

Imagine for a moment you were having dinner with three Internet marketing millionaires…

CruiseAskQuestionsWhat questions would you ask?

It is difficult to understate how important the Marketers Cruise has been to me.


The big takeaway from my first cruise was that my small list was as responsive as people with much bigger lists and I was in the top half percent of serious marketers !



Cruise Pizza


A few years ago on another cruise I bumped into Tye Cohen over pizza, we got on and did some JV deals that made me over $250k.

But the thing is… it’s not really about the money.

It’s about being with people who are driven and successful in the same market that you are.




It raises your sights, sometimes just knowing a thing is possible is enough to give you that spur to get on and do it !

Oh and did I forget to mention its a load of fun as well !

Foot Spafish foot spa

One of the weirdest things that happened to me on the cruise this year was getting my feet eaten by fish in Mexico, a fish pedicure!!

These are just some of the things that happen on the Internet marketers cruise….

Oh and the other fun thing was having a cookery class in how to create a 3 course Mexican dinner.

And we got to eat the results afterwards..




One of the highlights of the Marketers Cruise for me is the “Quick Tips” sharing exercise that takes place. You get so much good stuff from that you can fill a book with it !

So what I am going to do this year is put together a short video detailing some of the things I learnt on the Internet marketers cruise – simply because there are far too many things to list in a newsletter.

Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll send you a link  to the video…

HOWEVER – In the meantime – here are some interesting tools that people told me about.

(By the way I discovered at least 30 to 40 new tools, way too many to put here, so what I’ll do is spread them over several newsletters !)


Not quite sure who told me this but it was probably at two in the morning at Pizza and Profits. Apparently by putting a live chat window on a sales page you can drastically increase conversion rates!! This is definitely something I’m going to try out.  Zopim is the tool he recommended.

This is a business card scanner for your mobile phone. You take a photo of the card and all of the text is instantly converted and entered into your contacts list. You can then set it to automatically send out an email. This is great for networking events.

This is a really cool little gadget which I’m definitely going to order. It’s a single camera that does the job of a multi-camera shoot. Go look at the video on their website to get an idea of what this camera can do. If you put on workshops or seminars or like to do live video streaming on Facebook you probably want to get this camera. The only downside is  it only works with iPads or iPhones.

This is similar to Facebook’s audience insights tool. You upload your email list to tower data, and they will clean your email list, and also give you extra data for all of your contacts. The extra data can be things like demographic  information, how much people earn etc. powerful stuff!!


 The Ultimate Sales Machine (Chet Holmes)

How I Raised Myself From Failure (Frank Bettger )

Infusionsoft Mastery ( Troy A. Broussard) I just ordered this one on Amazon….


Would you like to come with me on the next Internet marketers cruise?

The Internet marketers cruise  is a very exclusive event. In fact it usually sells out nine or 10 months  in advance!! Which is why you don’t see any advertising for this event!

Cruise Crowd

300 people have already bought their tickets! This is not hype this is fact!

I’m looking to bring 10 people  from my Licence Partner Team and my email list on the cruise next year.

What I’d like to do is run several masterminds either over breakfast or over dinner on the cruise. This will only be available to the first 10 people that book.


These mastermind sessions will be all about you. How you can build your business in 2018. How you can make your first $10,000. During the cruise we will also work on your plan.

That’s why I am limiting it to 10 people.

Book your place now 🙂

In fact several people from my list have already booked places on the 2018 Internet marketers cruise,



The 2018 cruise will last for eight days and you can book a ticket for only $1,098.00 per person! Remember that’s fully inclusive of all your food!!

The great thing is you don’t have to pay the full amount up front! You can simply place a $300 deposit per person today and the remaining balance needs to be paid  later in the year.

If you’d like to come on the cruise you do need to book your ticket within the next  2 to 3 weeks before all of the  places are taken!!

Where else will you get to hang out with some of the worlds best known Internet marketers and also have a chance to hang out with Sarah Staar over dinner and on the beach!

Book your place now 🙂

All the best,


Sarah Staar