A broken pelvis and sleeping on the floor.

Two weeks ago, I moved to France.  What happened?

  • A broken pelvis,
  • sleeping on the kitchen floor,
  • almost writing off my Tesla.

First off, my move to France had two phases.

  1. Take all of my office and computer stuff over to France in a van myself.
  2. Hire a moving firm to move all of my household stuff into storage.

The move seemed to go well until the moving truck backed into my Tesla and left a huge dent in the door.

After about 4 or 5 days of being in France, I finally got my office set up, my computers online, and the house in order and tidied up.

I had almost finished unpacking when my cat, Miriam, stumbled into the kitchen with an injury to her back leg. It was late at night. So I couldn’t go to the vet.

She seemed to be in pain when I tried to move her, so I left her on the kitchen floor and put my duvet next to her.

I ended up sleeping on the floor with Miriam that night.

The next day, I took her to the vet for an x-ray and we found out that she had a broken pelvis.

cat at vets

Earlier today, Miriam had a special operation where they inserted a metal plate to repair her pelvis.

Apparently, she’s pulled through and is absolutely fine. We collect her on Saturday. I guess it’s going to be quite a long recovery for her.


The big lesson I learned from moving to France is, don’t try and do too much yourself.

I definitely think I tried to do too much stuff myself, driving the van, loading boxes, unloading dishwashers and fridges with Dave.

I think I’ll hire someone else to do that next time!!

The same can be true in business.

If you try and do too much stuff yourself, you’ll end up running around in circles, never actually accomplishing anything.

If you really want to get ahead in business quickly, or want to get ahead with affiliate marketing, and massively accelerate your results, you really should hire experts.

In other words, hire outsources to do the tasks, you’re either no good at


to do the tasks, which you hate doing.

Outsourcing has definitely helped me grow my business enormously over the last 12 months.                  

Would you like to find out the secrets outsourcing?

I would like to invite you to an online training class where I’ll show you exactly how you can outsource traffic generation and profit from that traffic.

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All the best.



Really sorry I won’t be attending the London lunch today because of all the problems with Miriam and her broken pelvis.

2 thoughts on “A broken pelvis and sleeping on the floor.”

  1. Parlez-vous Francais Sarah?
    Congratulations about your move to France and Sorry to hear about Miriam. Hope that she gets better soon.
    It was my first visit to the London lunch meet up.
    And yep, I’m glad that I attended. Thanks to you Sarah. (you mentioned the London lunches in your video course which I’ve only recently purchased)
    Martin Avis was ever so helpful. I left feeling I had more clarity.
    I’m that person who has been buying one course after another online since 2008 and now after 2 redundancies, I ‘ve decided that I have to do something.
    I’m currently on baby steps and willing to follow guidance in starting my list building.
    I admit Its a steep learning curve for me as I currently do not know any one personally who is into internet marketing that I could brain storm with. However, I have an incline I’ve done the right thing by starting to attend the London lunch meet up and hopefully sustain my motivation.
    Best wishes

  2. Sarah, I thought you meant you broke YOUR pelvis during the move and I am so glad that wasn’t the case. I hope your cat is doing really well and they are loving the snow and playland you and Dave have provided for them in France. EnJOY. With love, Heather Joy, USA

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