Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – £23,000 in Cash ??

Last Sunday Dave and I were counting out and checking £23,000 on my Mums dining table, this is the story of how that came about…….


As you may know, dear reader, I am a bit of a fan of electric cars – quieter, faster, and self driving, and especially since my road trip to Scotland and back in a Tesla last year.

So I am afraid it was time to say goodbye to the trusty Evoque, the car that featured in countless sales videos !


My first thought was Land Rover would surely give me a good price for my car?

A local dealer offered me just £20,000 in November (yes 4 months ago !!) which was, frankly, something of an insult.

Okay, so my second thought was I would simply trade my Range Rover in when I collected my new car (a new Tesla Model S).

Tesla were very upfront with me and told me that they would only give me what the car would fetch at auction – which would probably be around £20,000.

So I decided to sell my car privately and listed it on eBay and AutoTrader.

After two weeks, I didn’t have one single enquiry from AutoTrader  – however, I had lots of interest from eBay, but still no bids..

And then I started to notice lots of negative stuff in the news about diesel cars….

(The Evoque was diesel engined)

– UK Pollution problems

– VW diesel gate

– Deaths caused by  Diesel fumes – nitrogen oxide, on today’s tv

  breakfast news

– Should there be a UK diesel scrappage scheme, on today’s tv

   breakfast news

– Pollution outside schools

There are talks about banning diesel cars from some cities, or at least bringing in a very expensive tax if you drive your diesel vehicle in the centre of town.

This made me incredibly worried about selling my car, would it affect the value?

Could I sell the car at a sensible price?

Had I left it too late to sell my diesel Evoque?

Then finally last weekend I got a phone call from somebody who said they would like to view my car and if it was OK they would buy it on the spot !! RESULT !!

So Sunday evening at 6 PM, Dave, my mother, and I, were all sitting around the kitchen table wondering who was going to turn up to view my car.

Then my mother asked, thoughtfully, how are they going to pay for the car?

So I replied,  “with a bank transfer of course, how else would they pay for the car?”

To which Mum responded “what if they want to pay with cash?”

And my comment was “Nah, who on earth these days would turn up with £23,000 in cash ?”

Well I think I spoke too soon. This young couple turned up to view the car, they took a quick look at the car, didn’t even do a test drive, and said they would take it.

And they said they would pay for it with cash…….

The husband pulled out 2 supermarket carrier bags full of money…….


And then we realised it was all in £20 notes !

(UK banks restrict  £50 notes because of money-laundering regulations)

We all spent the next two hours counting £23,000 in cash! I had to check every single note with a security pen! Good thing I had one lying around…



Strange isn’t it ? We are all so used to Internet banking and the cashless card-based economy it really throws you when someone reverts to cash…..

Large amounts of it….

In small denomination notes…..

And the twist in the tale is………

It turns out this couple had recently sold their Chinese restaurant.

I asked them what they do now and they said they had a YouTube channel which they make an income from advertising.

It’s quite an interesting YouTube channel, it’s a channel which shows you how to make Chinese cakes and sweets.

This is their YouTube channel –

We then proceeded to have a lengthy conversation all about YouTube marketing, funny how things turn out…


I’m looking for 10 more people to beta test my new product

I just finished putting together a brand-new product called Video Hacker Pro.



Video Hacker Pro shows you how to generate high quality traffic for as little as three cents per click.

I’m really just looking for a few beta testers. If you want to get video hacker pro before everybody else have a look at the video below.

Click here to watch the video 🙂


London Workshop  (Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp)

I want you to set aside 2 days at the end of March.

Because I am speaking at a 2 day workshop in London run by a friend of mine Ben.

Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp 🙂

The speaker list is pretty good, with a bunch of people that deliver great content and are really interesting.

When I started out I went to a lot of workshops, and the bit I really enjoyed was talking to all the other people that were there, because they were at the same level I was.

Its called networking !

Its also a great opportunity to get away from the computer, lift your head up, and find out what other people are doing.

laptoplifestyleAnd refresh your thinking, shift your horizons.

And while it’s not a holiday, don’t you deserve to give yourself a bit of a break from the daily grind.

And of course you can get to ask questions of the speakers.

I am going to be there and this is your opportunity to come and see me face-to-face and ask me any questions you have buzzing around.

And for those of you who remember my business card strategy……

Here is your opportunity !

See you on the 24th – 26 March.

Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp 🙂


A Street Cat  Named Bob


This is a real feel good movie, a must see, and it’s a true story!!

This is a story about a recovering drug addict living on the streets of London. After a chance encounter with a ginger cat who he decides to name Bob, the busker begins to turn his life around largely thanks to this new feline friendship.

The two soon become a hit with tourists and onlookers due to the extraordinary trust shown between one another, with videos of the pair going viral on the YouTube.

I got the book and the film is really good !




All the best,


Sarah Staar

Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – a great time to promote



Very few people realise that it can be very profitable to promote affiliate products on public holidays.

I’ve always had tremendous success promoting products on Christmas day and New Year’s Day.

In fact I promoted one of my webinars a couple weeks ago on Thanksgiving. I must have had over a hundred emails from people asking me why I was promoting such an event on Thanksgiving.

Well as it turns out it was one of my most successful webinars to date and I had over 200 American attendees?? (And the conversion rate was good as well !)

This all started in 2009 when I promoted a high-end $2000 affiliate product on New Year’s Day. To be honest I wasn’t expecting to sell any products especially at that price.

This was a $2000 home study course that was shipped out to the clients, it was actually a ClickBank product believe it or not.

Anyway I ended up selling three, which gave me an affiliate commission of around $3000.

A $3000 New Year bonus….

Ever since then I’ve always promoted products on public holidays and done very well. It’s a great time to promote as other marketers don’t seem to send out emails on public holidays? So you end up with the market to yourself!

And think about the buyer psychology, people aren’t at work and are sitting around the house getting bored, and probably looking for an excuse to get away from annoying friends, relatives, and neighbours – not to mention the kids !!

So if you’re looking to make a little extra cash this year at Christmas I strongly advise promoting affiliate products on Christmas Day, Boxing Day (that’s the day after Christmas), and New Year’s Day.




Want to meet up in New York on Monday?

On Sunday I’m flying to New York. I’ll only be there a day as I just need to sign some papers at the bank. Anyway I be in Manhattan all day Monday the 15th. If you want to meet up for lunch or something reply to this email.




Moving out of London

Two weeks ago I finally moved out of London into my new office on the south coast of England. I’m actually within walking distance of the beach!!

(Great for summer – not so good in winter !)

I love sitting in my new office looking out of the window at the view and watching the seagulls fly past.

One major difference that I have noticed is that everybody is so polite, especially when you go into a shop. The other thing is it’s so quiet, no traffic, no police sirens all day and all night, and no pollution….

I’m thinking about doing a south coast meet up once a month if you’re interested reply to this email, let me know if you have any locations in mind….
(Anywhere from Brighton to Southampton)




The London Meetup is back

As some of you may know I used to run a monthly meet up in central London. Well as of January I’m going to be starting the London meet up again.

The format is, a one-hour presentation by me -which is always pure content – and then the rest of the evening is networking.

Currently looking for a venue somewhere in central London which can hold between 60 and hundred people if you know of anywhere please reply to this email let me know.



Replace your Job?

You may wonder how I got started online and what was the real secret to my success?

Well it was all down to three action points I wrote down on a piece of paper at a live networking event.

I’ve made a short video explaining exactly what happened

Go to the video now:-)



10 Movies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Watch

Everyone watches movies at Christmas..
So here are a few to get you in the entrepreneurial mind-set.

This is a sort of tongue-in-cheek list as not all of the ways people make money are legal.
(Do not try this at home.. if you do you may find Police and National Security breaking down your doors !!)

The Social Network
Pirates of Silicon Valley
Wall Street
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Trading places
Rogue Trader
The Wolf of Wall Street
Middle Men
Catch Me If You Can

all the best,


When is traffic really free?

Traffic to your websiteWhen most people think of traffic the first thing they usually think about is
SEO or search engine optimisation. How can I get my website ranked number one in
Google for all of my keywords.

In fact when I first started this is exactly what I focused on. I must have
spent at least a year trying to get my websites ranked in Google.

That was a frustrating year, some of my websites ranked, some of them didn’t,
and my rankings seem to jump around like crazy.



Have you ever felt like you’re chasing your tail when it comes to SEO?

Well that’s exactly how I felt when I first started. In fact it’s not just me. I
was chatting to my friend Rob Cornish about this a couple months ago and he was
in exactly the same position when he first started.


After 12 months of frustration I started to look at other free traffic sources

such as,

Guest blog posting, Article marketing, Forums marketing, Facebook, Twitter,
Answer sites, Blog comments.

I started to get a trickle of traffic using the above methods and the more time
I spent writing articles and posted on other people’s websites the more traffic
I would get back to my website.

However there was a lot of work involved and I seemed to be spending all my time
writing articles for other people’s websites posting in forums and commenting on
blogs. I was not spending my time on the most important part of any business –
and that is marketing and conversion.

I think the penny finally dropped when I was at a high-end mastermind meeting
with some people who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

I very quickly noticed that none of the people in the room were using free
traffic sources! They were all using paid traffic sources and spending all of
their time on marketing and conversion.

This was an important lesson for me. I quickly realised that I needed to learn
how to sell products, build my email list and convert my prospects into buyers.

Once I could do this I could pay for traffic, in effect the traffic would be
self-funding. So that’s exactly what I did.

I started sending paid traffic to my squeeze pages to build my email list, and
then learnt how to market and sell to my email list.

Last month I ran a campaign on Facebook using paid advertising. Basically I was
sending people to a squeeze page to build my email list.

As soon as somebody opts into my email list I present them with an OTO or a
one-time offer. If done correctly the one-time offer should pay for most of your
advertising spend.

Below are some of my results.

I spent $849 on paid Facebook advertising

I ended up getting 1212 visitors to my squeeze page.

And 540 of them opted into my email list

My one-time offer page generated $730 in revenue

Two weeks after my prospects have joined my list I have already generated $1300
in revenue from these new leads, that’s not counting my one-time offer page.

So I hope you can see how powerful paid advertising can be if done correctly and
as you can see I’m in a very good position now to spend more money on paid

$849 may seem like a lot of money to spend on advertising, what about free
traffic I hear you say ?

To get 1200 visitors to my website I would’ve need to spend 2 to 3 months using
free traffic techniques and the quality of the traffic would have been nowhere
near as good as Facebook traffic.

The great thing about paid advertising is that you can target your
advertisements to only the most relevant people so the quality of the traffic is
extremely high.

I’m thinking about creating a high-end course all about this revealing some of
my most profitable campaigns and showing you exactly how to set up your

This course will not be cheap, it will be expensive – around the $8K level, but
if you are interested ping me an email back and maybe we can have a chat on
Skype about it.


Must-have WordPress plugins

A good friend of mine, Peter, recently had all 3 of his sites hacked and he lost
the lot.

Because WordPress has become the Microsoft of websites WordPress has become an
obvious choice for hackers. So it is essential to use security plugins.

Below are the plugins I use to protect all my sites. The best thing is there are
all free!

Limit Login Attempts
Secure WordPress
WordPress Firewall

And don’t forget to back up your site on your own PC !!

Everything breaking at once!

They say things happen in threes?

It was the beginning of October and my trusty high definition CRT projector
developed a fault. I’ve been thinking about upgrading it so it wasn’t worth

Then two weeks later my video recorder/PVR decided to do a firmware update and
in the process crashed corrupting the hard drive and making unit useless.

I went onto the forum to do with this PVR and found an ex-BBC engineer who
repairs them.

I posted my PVR to him and he repaired it and posted it back to me. He only
charged me £20!

I plugged my PVR back into my television set and started watching TV. Three
hours later my television breaks!!!!

Okay so my TV is rather old a 32 inch CRT TV but hey it was working up until
last week. Again this was not really worth repairing.

So I did my research and chose a new television set a Panasonic TX- P55VT65 a 55
inch plasma TV.

I quickly found out that if I wanted the free five-year warranty I had to
actually go to the shop to pay for it I couldn’t buy it online????

So last Sunday Dave and I drove over to Richer Sounds in Bromley and purchased
my new TV, it only just fitted in the car !! – boy is this a big TV.

I have to say the pictures on this television set is incredible and if you’re
looking for a new TV I can definitely recommend the Panasonic TX- P55VT65,
probably one of the best plasma TVs on the market.

I just got work out how these 3-D glasses work now….


Web Browser Usage Statistics


Chrome 25.79 %
Internet Explorer 25.57 %
Safari 22.10 %
Firefox 18.69 %
Android Browser 4.68 %
Opera 0.63 %

Browser Screen Resolution Statistics
Higher than 1024 x 768 85 %
1024 x 768 13 %
800 x 600 1 %


Blue-Ray Of The Week

Foxy Brown – Pam Grier





Foxy Brown is 70’s B movie at it’s best. Very Very retro….

A voluptuous black woman takes a job as a high-class prostitute in order to get
revenge on the mobsters who murdered her boyfriend.

After seeing an interview with Quentin Tarantino I had to get this film. Quentin
talked about how he loved this film and in many ways Jacky Brown is a sequel to
Foxy Brown.