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Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – Marketers Cruise Secrets

So, I am writing this in a hotel in New Orleans, having just come off the cruise ship that has been taking myself and some 400  other Internet Marketers around the Caribbean.

For me it has been the best cruise I have been on, and this is my third.

Okay, so over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing with you some of the stuff I have learnt and the people I have met.

And I have picked up so much that it is going to take more than 1 newsletter!

One of the things I picked up on the cruise was the importance of branding.

And a good example of this is a new friend Dave and I met called Emerson Brantley, who is a really ace copywriter by the way.

He has been at just about every Marketer’s cruise I can remember and his signature is a pirates hat!

Both memorable and recognisable at a stroke!

So bearing this in mind, Dave and I headed off for the Caribbean with some t-shirts and sweatshirts branded with a photo of me saying “Sarah Staar Business School”.

And it sounds a bit cliched and naff, but it really worked. It did the job.

People saw that we were a professional organisation that could afford to bring a team along, and we were visible – highly visible!








Another thing I want to share with you is that when you go to a networking event it is a really good idea to go with a definite set of objectives, otherwise you risk wasting your time and money.

One of my objectives was to get some good shots of me on a warm white sunny beach, not all that easy to get in the UK in January!

So check this out….



Other cool stuff I learnt – coming shortly

There is so much I picked up it is hard to know where to begin….

Here are a few that I am going to cover in more detail in later newsletters.

  • As more people access the internet on their phone mobile apps are becoming more important
  • New ways to build your list
  • A new advertising method that totally blew me away at “Pizza and Profits, a networking event on the cruise”
  • How to massively increase email deliverability

The overall thing I got though was that people are getting much more focused on turning their hobby income into a proper business, and creating some real value as well.

How to make high ticket affiliate commissions consistently month after month   

Next Thursday I’m hosting a very special live training class.

“How to Make High Ticket Affiliate Commissions Consistently Month  After Month.  WITHOUT… An Email List, Creating Your Own Product, Useless  “Mini-review Sites” or SEO.”

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  • During this live training you’ll discover:
  • Case studies of actual people I’ve taught this to this year who are now enjoying $1K Days.
  • My secret traffic source (that no one else is using) this is a free traffic source that is probably one of my most profitable traffic strategies to date.
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  • You’ll discover an easy and effective way to make sales… without having to sell anything!

No B.S  this webinar is step-by-step so there’s no fluff or theories that might or might not work. These are all strategies which I use in my business every day.

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How to win friends and influence people. This is the book that I have been reading on the cruise I have to say end it most useful. Like me you do a lot of networking this book is an absolute must read.

I Implemented several of the strategies in this book on the cruise with amazing success. So I know firsthand that the strategies in this book work in the real world!





All the best,


Sarah Staar

Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – I Nearly Crashed The Tesla

Only two days to go till I fly out to New Orleans for my third Internet marketers cruise.

It’s pretty amazing going on a cruise with 400 Internet marketers!!

This year I am taking Catherine and Sue with me on the cruise. (and Dave of course!)

The cruise is a great time to kick back and relax but I’m also going to be doing some work.

This time I have set myself a clear objective to connect with as many people as possible.

Because I’m obsessed with tracking everything in my business I know that my best customers are the people I’ve actually met face-to-face.

So my big task this year will be chatting to as many people as possible, helping as many people as possible, getting them to sign up to my list, and following up with them afterwards.

I’ve done this in the past at Internet marketing meet-ups and seminars and found this to be one of the best strategies to build an email list with quality customers.

Okay so the numbers aren’t large – I might only get 100 people to sign up to my list – but that’s 100 new relationships with customers that will probably purchase big ticket items from me over the next 12 months.

So the process will be as follows:

Approach as many people and engage in conversation.

Try to help as many people out with their business.

Offer something really cool and relevant in return for their contact details.

Follow up on the phone after the cruise to maintain a relationship.

The other thing I will be doing on the cruise this year is recording an audio interview series with successful Internet marketers.

I’ve purchased an MP3 recorder and once I am on the plane flying to New Orleans on Friday I will put together a short questionnaire. I think I’m going to focus the interviews on one particular subject – possibly traffic generation.

A lot of people go to Internet marketing events and it becomes one big lost opportunity. This is because they don’t have a clear objective before they attend the event.

Whenever attending any kind of marketing event you should always have a clear objective of exactly what you want to achieve.


packing for cruiseI guess I had better start packing now as my office is starting to look a bit like a bomb site thanks to all the deliveries from Vista print and the T-shirt company that has printed the Sarah Staar business school T-shirts!!

Dave has been helping me out with tightening up the branding of the company, and anyone on the cruise will definitely recognise the team..



I nearly crashed the Tesla when I heard this

A few months ago I hired a Tesla and toured the UK, visiting various online marketing experts along the way.

I took them for a drive in this gorgeous beast of a car and recorded an interview with them using 2 video cameras.

One of the highlights was my interview with Chris Payne who I drove to one of his high-paying clients for a meeting: I felt like an Uber driver!   🙂



It wasn’t easy asking questions, listening to his answers, and driving in an area I didn’t know!

One of the answers Chris shared with me blew me away so much that I became light headed.

It felt like my whole brain was rewiring itself as a result of Chris’ profound insight.

Thankfully the Tesla has a brilliant self-drive mode so I didn’t crash!

Chris has generated millions of dollars in revenue over the years, and he’s one of the very few go-to people I pay to get advice to grow my business.

He knows a ton about making money with Amazon, so I’ve asked him to come on a webinar TOMORROW and share with you some very clever tricks and shortcuts to help you get amazing free, targeted traffic – and make money using outsourcers at super-low prices to make maximum money in minimum time.

You’ll hear Chris, or me, share the insight which made my head spin, plus loads more.


Click here 🙂  to find out about 5 more of the amazing things you’ll learn on this free webinar.

See on tomorrow on the live class!

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Take Action Now -don’t put things off !!

Sometimes I could kick myself for not taking action. For instance, back in 2010 I remember looking at Bitcoin and thinking that is something I should look at.

Unfortunately, I never bought any!

If I’d spent $100 on bit coins back in 2010 they would be worth over $600,000 now!

Which made me think…If I had started building my email list a year earlier I’d probably be making an extra $5000 a month now….

In today’s age of social media text messages and endless emails, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed.

My advice… Write down a clear objective or an outcome which you desire..

-A new car

-A new house

-Maybe a lifestyle change

NOW – Create a vision board, This is a large sheet of paper with your goal written down on it. This must include photos and images….

Do it NOW !!


Useful Free Tools

SEO Quake

SEOquake is a SEO extension (toolbar) for Google Chrome,

it shows PageRank, Alexa and tons of SEO parameters,

also works in SERP.

Text Cleaner

Some of the best tools solve the simplest problems. Text cleaner

cleans up all kinds of text formatting when copying and pasting

between applications.

YouTube downloader

A free tool that allows you to download YouTube videos to your computer.


All the best,


Sarah Staar

Living off grid for two weeks


For the last 2 weeks I have been at my house in France- which is why you haven’t heard anything from me.

Now, as you may know, the house is completely isolated from the digital world many of us live in, no fibre-optic cable, no mobile phone signal, no television…

So it wasn’t so much a case of deciding to have a digital break.. it was pretty well enforced on me !!

Thing is though, I haven’t really missed it.

The first week I had my sister and her family over and it was just great to spend time with them, especially her 2 children.

Last week my mum came over and it was nice to spend time with her.

I think we all have a tendency to become slaves to our mobile phones and email, (and the bad news on TV), and when you break from this routine I think it helps to change your thought patterns, gives you some new insights on all sorts of stuff.


French translation app

So there I was sitting in a restaurant last week in Granville France. The menus were all in French and I don’t speak a word of French.

My mother and I managed to muddle through but I remember thinking how much easier this would be if I had a mobile phone with a translation app.

I am in France for another 3 days and I have only now opened my laptop and turned on my mobile phone…

One thing i have been playing with this morning is the google translation app which will translate French to English.

You speak into it and, although the voice recognition is not great,it will translate directly into French and say it out loud.

I’m going to give this a try later when I go out to the shops, I think I’ll do a test beforehand with my gardener – who is bilingual – first. I really want to find out how accurate it is and hope I won’t embarrass myself.

The only downside to these apps is that you need an Internet connection. Not sure if they’ve got 3G Internet in my local village??


Renovating The New House


Renovating The New House

mum-france2As you may have picked up from previous emails Dave and I recently bought my next door neighbours house for peanuts at an auction – when the bank repossessed it.
My sister did a bit of research and found the original advertisement placed by my neighbours when they put the house up for sale 4 years ago.

The asking price was €380,000…. and we got it for €65,000 !
The moral of the story is that the value of anything depends upon what others are prepared to pay, not what you think its worth….

So we have started renovating the house.
Now Dave and I did a lot of the work ourselves on our first French house, knocking down walls, painting and decorating, re-doing the electrics etc etc
Which is why it took so long to finish !

One thing I think I am pretty good at is working out how to do things faster and easier so this time I am NOT trying to do everything myself.

Delegating has not been one of my strong points, but I know I need to do it more and get better at it.

So this time I am treating the whole renovation as one big outsourcing job.
Just as if I was creating a piece of software or a new website.

I have been working out first of all what I want the renovated house to be able to DO.
(Its going to be a holiday let – to get a return on my investment – make my assets work for me)

From there I have worked down to what the house (and the land) need to have in order to be able to meet my objectives.

(For example, having a games room where a family can entertain themselves in the evenings or when the weather is not so good).

I have also been getting together ideas of how I want each individual room to look and how that fits in with the overall “look and feel” for the place. Pinterest has been useful for that.

And I have also been hiring builders and labourers to do the actual work – they have started already !

One thing I have worked out is that you soon find out what people are good at and what they are not so good at..

So…… when the family came over the first thing that surprised them was the scale of the renovation work.

The second thing that surprised them was that I could get the project started so quickly, and that such rapid progress could be made.



live affiliate training class this Friday

This Friday I’m hosting a very special live affiliate training class and I’d love to have you come along.

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During the class you will learn:

How to use Facebook to generate more traffic than you ever imagined.

How to find high-end products to promote that will pay you over $3000 in affiliate commissions.


Useful Tools

What it my ip – find out what your ip address is

SEO Quake – SEO Toolbar

Grammarly – online Grammar Checker

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