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Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – Marketers Cruise Secrets

So, I am writing this in a hotel in New Orleans, having just come off the cruise ship that has been taking myself and some 400  other Internet Marketers around the Caribbean.

For me it has been the best cruise I have been on, and this is my third.

Okay, so over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing with you some of the stuff I have learnt and the people I have met.

And I have picked up so much that it is going to take more than 1 newsletter!

One of the things I picked up on the cruise was the importance of branding.

And a good example of this is a new friend Dave and I met called Emerson Brantley, who is a really ace copywriter by the way.

He has been at just about every Marketer’s cruise I can remember and his signature is a pirates hat!

Both memorable and recognisable at a stroke!

So bearing this in mind, Dave and I headed off for the Caribbean with some t-shirts and sweatshirts branded with a photo of me saying “Sarah Staar Business School”.

And it sounds a bit cliched and naff, but it really worked. It did the job.

People saw that we were a professional organisation that could afford to bring a team along, and we were visible – highly visible!








Another thing I want to share with you is that when you go to a networking event it is a really good idea to go with a definite set of objectives, otherwise you risk wasting your time and money.

One of my objectives was to get some good shots of me on a warm white sunny beach, not all that easy to get in the UK in January!

So check this out….



Other cool stuff I learnt – coming shortly

There is so much I picked up it is hard to know where to begin….

Here are a few that I am going to cover in more detail in later newsletters.

  • As more people access the internet on their phone mobile apps are becoming more important
  • New ways to build your list
  • A new advertising method that totally blew me away at “Pizza and Profits, a networking event on the cruise”
  • How to massively increase email deliverability

The overall thing I got though was that people are getting much more focused on turning their hobby income into a proper business, and creating some real value as well.

How to make high ticket affiliate commissions consistently month after month   

Next Thursday I’m hosting a very special live training class.

“How to Make High Ticket Affiliate Commissions Consistently Month  After Month.  WITHOUT… An Email List, Creating Your Own Product, Useless  “Mini-review Sites” or SEO.”

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  • During this live training you’ll discover:
  • Case studies of actual people I’ve taught this to this year who are now enjoying $1K Days.
  • My secret traffic source (that no one else is using) this is a free traffic source that is probably one of my most profitable traffic strategies to date.
  • The secret that makes the difference between making a few pennies or owning a wildly successful business that makes sales, day after day, on auto-pilot even while you sleep or do other things.
  • You’ll discover an easy and effective way to make 6 figures  online without having to create any products or sell anything yourself!
  • How to find high-end products to promote that will pay you over $1000 in affiliate commissions.
  • The secret to reverse engineering any competitor’s website, so that you can ethically steal their traffic and send it to your affiliate offer. This almost guarantees results!!
  • You’ll discover an easy and effective way to make sales… without having to sell anything!

No B.S  this webinar is step-by-step so there’s no fluff or theories that might or might not work. These are all strategies which I use in my business every day.

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How to win friends and influence people. This is the book that I have been reading on the cruise I have to say end it most useful. Like me you do a lot of networking this book is an absolute must read.

I Implemented several of the strategies in this book on the cruise with amazing success. So I know firsthand that the strategies in this book work in the real world!





All the best,


Sarah Staar

A very special workshop

I want to tell you about a very special workshop that I am
talking at……..

What makes it special I hear you ask ?
Its a workshop where all the speakers are practitioners, like me,
making a full time living from IM

And….these aren’t the usual speakers you get at
events… why?
because these people are normally too busy actually making

Every speaker is a professional internet marketer, most of whom
you will never see at events.

But, hopefully like you, they have come back from the holiday
break refreshed, and before they dive back into their business
they have been talked into spending some of their time with you.

This represents one of the best opportunities between now and
Christmas to learn direct from practitioners who really are doing
it – using bang up to date strategies and real “working now”

Sarah’s Bonus

For anyone who signs up for this workshop through me I have put
together a very special bonus for you, a bonus that completely
matches the spirit of this workshop.

The bonus is…..

a) a free consultancy session with me on either

i)  Saturday lunchtime or

ii) Sunday lunchtime


b) a free follow-up skype call, for you to discuss and get advice
on any topic to do with either your business, or
anything you have heard over the 2 days

Now, you may well be asking “ what can I learn from the
speakers ?”

Well each speaker is going to be talking about one particular
aspect of what they do already.

I am going to be addressing the need that so many of you write to
me about …………

“How do I get started” and “How can I make some serious

So my session will be all about my “10 step plan for getting

After me there will be people going through what they do

– membership sites
– affiliate marketing and review sites
– real social media marketing
– practical product creation
– e book marketing

and lots more……….

This is really good, very focussed, content, from people who
really know their stuff…….

I think its worth you making the effort to get there, its being
held in central london on the 13th/14th October…..

Look forward to seeing you …….. over a sandwich
and a drink.

talk soon,