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Batteries Definitely Included

Well I hope you have all had a good break, or are about to have one.

I don’t know what it’s like in the US and when your holiday periods are.

I guess the big difference between the US and Europe is that most people get around 4 weeks paid holiday in Europe.


Taking the Tesla from the south coast of England all the way to Dundee, and back again, has been a lot of fun and a great way to test what the car is really like.



Dundee, by the way, is not only where Kathy lives, but she also has Angela, one of my support staff from the US, staying with her.





So, to get back to the holiday theme, Angela is on her holidays seeing the sights of Scotland !!

And that was why I went so far north – 550 miles north – in case you were wondering….

Just to meet Angela and say “Hi” to one of the team.

For those of you who are interested.. Dundee is also the home of marmalade and Dundee cake.

Handing the Tesla Back


Handing the Tesla back and going back to the Evoque was a bit of a wrench to be honest.

I miss the fantastic acceleration of the Tesla, you just put your foot down and it accelerates away at about Warp Factor 10 !!



The Evoque accelerates at about the speed of a snail and I am afraid to admit I might have scared a few drivers when pulling out in front of them in the Evoque this morning !!

Before handing the car back I had a look around a Tesla showroom in Crawley with Dave.

Big decision now… Should I get a Tesla model S now or wait for the model 3 ?

List building Webinar tonight

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Look I am sorry to go on about this..

But I just don’t get why people seem to be not interested in building their own list.

It was having a list that gave me the money to hire the Tesla and visit my team.

It was having the list that enabled me to make money while on my holiday road trip.

I made money on my wedding day- by having a mailing list !

I more than paid for the first Internet Marketers cruise I went on – a holiday cruise around the Caribbean – because I had a list..

As you know I made money while on my hospital bed – because of my list.


I have a surprise feature for you this evening !

No its a surprise..

You have to log onto the webinar and watch it till the end to get the special surprise I have created for you…

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Right now it’s the regular Olympics going on in RIO.

And haven’t the Brits done well !!

But I want you to think about the Winter Olympics – about 20 years ago, if you can remember that far back



And one character, “Eddie the Eagle”

The character in this film Eddie wanted to be in the Olympics from the age of 5 years old but was useless at Sports.  Everybody and his family told him to give up,  get a real job.  sounds familiar…







If you’re an Internet marketer you need to see this film…

Inspired by true events, Eddie the Eagle is a feel-good story about Michael “Eddie” Edwards , an unlikely but courageous, and talentless, British ski-jumper who never stopped believing in himself – even as an entire nation was counting him out.

I’m a strong Believer in never giving up. If you want something badly enough you can get it. And that’s what this film is all about.

So a bit of holiday inspiration for you..


Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success

Written by: Matthew Syed


While on the road this week I listened to several audio books (that’s what autopilot is really for !) the one that really stood out was  “Black Box Thinking”.


Fascinating thing about this book is it kind of sums up why some people fail at Internet marketing whilst others succeed.


You have to read this yourself, but in essence it’s about fixing things and going onto success.


What links the Mercedes Formula One team with Google? What links Dave Braisford’s Team Sky and the aviation industry?


What is the connection between the inventor James Dyson and the footballer David Beckham? They are all Black Box Thinkers.

Whether developing a new product, honing a core skill or just trying to get a critical decision right, Black Box Thinkers aren’t afraid to face up to mistakes. In fact they see failure as the very best way to learn.

Rather than denying their mistakes, blaming others or attempting to spin their way out of trouble, these institutions and individuals interrogate errors as part of their future strategy for success.

One of the best books I’ve read for a long time – definitely recommended.

All the best,


Sarah Staar

OMG I found this out by accident..

So there I was surrounded by very wealthy Internet entrepreneurs.

It was late 2009 and I had managed purely by accident to get an invite to an Internet entrepreneur drinks evening.

I felt kind of nervous because I was surrounded by millionaire product owners, affiliate marketers, CPA marketers and even a couple of people that run very successful eBay businesses.

After speaking to several very successful people I quickly realized that the one thing they all have in common was an email list.

Since 2009 my one focus in my business has been building my email list and mastering the art of selling via email.

People often ask me what’s the secret to successful Internet Marketing?

My answer, Email Marketing…..

This Thursday I’m hosting a very special live training class “How To Build A List of 1,000 people in the next 30 days” and I’d love to have you come along.

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– How I generate $31 from each new subscriber that joins my list…

– How to get people to open your emails predisposed to BUY FROM YOU.

– How to provide massive value from your emails and still make a ton of sales.

– How to get your email list into a BUYING FRENZY without being all “salesy”

And lots more …..

See you at 8.00pm UK Time , 3:00 pm EDT!

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all the best,

Sarah Staar

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My Last Workshop

We are going to be spending 2 days in a small group, and basically I will be helping you build the infrastructure for your business, and then showing you the most cost effective way to drive traffic into your business.

So, this is what I think you need to know..

Firstly I will walk you through some of my most effective campaigns and show you what they cost and what return I got… and explain why they worked so well – real figures, no bullshit.

Next, I will go through the fundamentals of making every bit of paid traffic contribute to your business, so nothing gets wasted.

I will cover product creation, building a sales funnel, list building, creating your own sales videos (the correct way !), crafting emails that sell, and then building email sequences. You can use this to fast-track your business and start making money quickly.

This is all bang up to date content, not old stuff that worked years ago and doesn’t any longer, hey , you know the market has moved on in the last few years you know !

And in Day 2 we will cover some of the best working free traffic techniques, and then move onto Facebook ppc, the new adwords process, and building multi-layered campaigns. The idea is that you can choose whichever technique you wish to drive traffic to your business, secure in the knowledge that you aren’t over-paying and getting maximum return.

And at the end of the day we will have a Q & A session where you can ask questions and get live advice back.

Oh and if there is anything else you want me to include within this broad topic, let me know and I will do my best to build it into the workshop !

And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet up on the Friday and Saturday evening for some networking and face-to-face advice, you may know… I don’t do pub crawls so you have my full (sober) attention !

The workshop will cost £260 (inc lunch and mid session refreshments)and will be held on Saturday/Sunday the 14 – 15 June.

Location: The Holiday Inn, London Gatwick.

Here is your payment link.