Online Checkout – The Customer Experience

All of us at some point in time have been frustrated with the online shopping experience.

Sometimes all you want to do is purchase a product, but the vendor makes you jump through all sorts of strange Hoops and sometimes you just get so frustrated you just leave the site without purchasing I think we can all learn something from this video….


15 thoughts on “Online Checkout – The Customer Experience”

  1. Hi Sarah. What this, to me, teaches is to not over-complicate the process for your online customers. Too many times you make a purchase of a product online, especially when it comes to WSO’s or the like, and you have to go through the hoops to get to what you purchased. Turned me away from it and now I promote my own products in a user-friendly manner, without all the up-sells and OTO’s and all the other things that just get in the way of the purchase.

    If someone really wants to sell beyond the initial product, then this is the reason why you get the customer to optin to your email list. Provide quality products, provide some freebies along the way to keep your customers, and then ask them, politely, to see a product that “they” are interested in purchasing.

    Keep it simple — Make it simple.

  2. Sarah,

    This happens all the time, and NOT just online…
    Solid content, as usual.


    Dr. Michael (The D.O.C.)
    “Keep On, Keeping On…”

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Good sharing of a video on how customers are facing lots of problem when they are trying to purchase the product.

    I agree with the idea of simplifying the who ordering process so that the customers will have a good shopping experience and they will not be confused.

    Thanks for the good reminder 🙂


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