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  1. Many thanks Sarah

    I have just started to outsource using fiverr but the results have been varied so far. I am very interested in the article writing and sales page work that you have mentioned as it seems very good value for money which free’s up your time.

    My main concerns are how to make your products evergreen by using autoresponer sequences and thank you page adds and how to flesh out your sales funnel for maximum effect when you are new by linking to high ticket products by other marketers.



  2. Great video as always, Sarah.

    My question is:
    Most project in IM to make money involve building a website, writing a copy for the website, articles, SEO, generating traffic, setting up autoresponder etc.
    Could you share with us the list you follow to keep you focused on each project, please?
    As you did InsideAdwords for 8 months you knew all the time at what stage you were and what was left to do. In the meantime you did other projects.
    What steps should we follow to stay focused on each project and how to manage those projects to finish each and every one – ideally at the time we set before.

    Many Thanks

  3. Another great video by Sarah! Very high quality information here, and well explained by Sarah. What I would love to see her do at some point is to feature a course/tutorial where she video documents the entire process of setting up one of her actual sites from start to finish, from the initial niche and keyword research to launching the site and setting up the backlinks. Each person that buys the video course would be creating their own Adsense or review site step by step along with Sarah. I think this would be valuable for people who have problems with organization and knowing what to do first ect. Each module would cover one step and could for instance be done on one week, followed by the second module the following week, and so on. I would be there are many people out there like myself who are “kinesthetic learners,” which means they learn best by doing and by having someone walk them through each step as they set up their website. These people require a lot of handholding in the beginning, but once they “get it,” they retain the knowledge and can then repeat the process. All it would require is for Sarah to document and explain (by video) each step she takes, and what outsourcers she uses as she builds an actual site from start to finish. I think this level of detail, in a sequential format would put many people on the road to finally mastering the steps needed to build Adsense and review authority sites of their own. There would also be an affiliate opportunity for each person that takes the course, which I think would bring in lots of new customers.

  4. Hi Sarah, Great video. Thank you so much for providing the great content. A couple of questions: When you have someone set up a WP site/blog do you give them your user name and password for your hosting so they can install the WP or do you have them send you a completed WP site in Zip format for you to install in on your own hosting?

    The second question is – do you have any method of making sure than when someone does a WP site for you that they don't place any code that would allow them to "monitor" what is happening with your site or even gather information about/from your site?

    I would be interested in knowing what your thoughts/practices/precautions would be regarding these two items.

    Thank you

  5. Sarah: I like the video. Thank you for introducing textbroker and traffic planet. I have a question. Let's say I was an affiliate marketer for abs loss. I don't have the time to do any of the particulars as writing articles, blog posting. I heard that a good VA could help put all this together. Is there a forum that specializes in VA hiring?
    Robert Leichter

  6. What is the best Word press theme? Catalyst or Genesis or Thesis?
    Why do you use Getresponse versus Aweber or Mail chimp? what is the best mail server in your opinion.



  7. Hi Sarah, Great Content and Delivery… very good referal info.
    You are certainly a “breath of fressh air” as a informative mentor.

    A Contribution…

    A Sound Business Model
    * Know your Industry… research and resource it’s history.
    * Find great Staff and utilise their best skills to support you.
    * Have a business plan incorporating wholsesale manufacture, retailing,
    and distribution for new products.
    * Start small and build with growth.
    * Always find a way – for there is always a way.
    * Never allow the naysayers to destroy your dreams. Dare to dream for
    dreams do oft come true.
    * Never be afraid to seek and ask for advice. There are only two positive
    answers – YES and NO. You will be suprised how large is the percentage
    of YES’s against the NO’s.
    * Always invest substantially in your own personal development, be it
    educational or physically.
    * Finally, seek out good Mentors, pay the price, it will be worth it in the
    long run.

    Golden Rules

    * Ask yourself how you can add value for more people
    * Fortune is in the follow through – act, don’t just think
    * If your not networking, you are not working.
    * Remember to change things, you must change first.
    * Be a visionary, and focus on your goals, don’t look behind or sideways,
    Always Look To Move Forward.

  8. Hi Sarah, Thanks for this video. My question is – What plugin to use with WP to have the greatest flexibility in choosing type fonts and size.

    Best, George

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