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Worst Tech Predictions | 6 CEOs Who Got it VERY Wrong


I think it’s really interesting to sometimes see how big corporations have ignored new ideas.

There’s a lot to be learnt from keeping an open mind and embracing new ideas.


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Old versus new?

You know, we get so caught up in the hurly burly of life and all the latest hi-tech toys, all the new stuff.

The new Tech.
The new systems and processes.
(All that stuff)

That sometimes we forget what life was like before.
What was life like before the mobile phone ?
What was life like before the smartphone even ?
(How did you call someone when they were in the car ?)
(How did you track your emails when you were out of the office ?)

What was life like before Online banking ?
(How did you pay money to someone ?)
(How did you pay bills ?)

Now this is not an argument for turning off the internet and all the advances in the last 40 years, but don’t you sometimes wish life wasn’t so complicated ?

I mean life still went on quite happily without using mobile phones, and when we had real banks you visited to pay real money into.

Don’t you sometimes think the tech we have is more complicated than it needs to be ?

Like – do you remember the days when electical goods came with printed manuals that you could read and understand ?? (instead of a cd rom that needs another bit of tech to use…)

Like – do you remember vinyl and what it sounded like, compared to a CD ?

Like – do you remember the first computers and how we all learnt to do Basic or C++ programming to make the damn things do anything ? But also how easy they were to upgrade, and how your games still worked after they had been upgraded ?

I thought this video makes the point really well


Check it out..
Makes you think a bit…
The same can be true with Internet marketing, all the bright shiny new techniques and methods can seem very attractive.

But when it comes down to it the traditional marketing methods are still the best. There are three steps to making money in most markets.

Sending traffic to a squeeze page
building your email list
communicating with your list and selling them stuff….

Take traffic for an example. One of my favourite free traffic techniques is forum marketing. This is something I learned back in 2008 and it is still incredibly relevant today.

Please Note, you should never spam in a forum, what you do is……

Set up a forum signature which links to your website, squeeze page or offer.

Then you start answering people’s questions on the forum and become known as the resident expert.

If you spend an hour a day answering people’s questions on the forum you won’t believe the amount of traffic which you can get. If you don’t know the answer to a question simply Google it….. By the way this is excellent task you can give to an outsourcer….


Traffic Webinar replay

If you’re interested in more traffic techniques I posted the replay of the webinar I did last week with traffic expert Greg Cesar.

This was a fascinating webinar where Greg detailed exactly where he gets his traffic from.

An especially fascinating side of this was the section on YouTube paid adverts. I’m not talking about those annoying adverts that play before you watch a video, I’m talking about advertising alongside the video.

The cool thing about this is, right now very few people are utilising this and as a result the adverts are incredibly cheap, $0.01 – $0.10 per click for example..

If you are interested then check it out now because the replay will be taken down this Friday

If you’re interested in getting free and paid traffic to your blog or affiliate offer then you need to see this webinar.


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