28 thoughts on “The biggest internet marketing mistakes to avoid Part 3”

  1. thanks again Sarah, for this very informative video. I feel like commenting on one particular advice you gave: it’s in regards to promoting recurring income products. I fully understand and agree with your opinion that a good affiliate marketer has to buy the product first before she pitches it to her list subscribers. I guess, this method is not so viable for membership sites. It can be for mobile phone plans (as you described) and for software, because most likely the affiliate markter would use the software himself. Do you have any experience with promoting memberships of which you are not a member? In such cases, you would at least have a very good relationship with the owner of the membership site. Could you explain a bit more in detail maybe? Thanks!

  2. Thank you Sarah for your excellent tips!
    I wish I had seen this videos three month earlier.
    Than I had surely avoided some of your mentioned

  3. Thanks for this excellent info. I find the advice to email at least once a week and sell at least once every two weeks quite thought provoking and I am wondering how many sites it is realistic to expect to have a list for? Would be interested to have your views on this.

  4. Hi Sarah… Thanks for sharing the three video series.
    Great content and a library of very informative info.

    Warm regards, Roy

    It is not enough to have knowledge… One must apply it.
    It is not enough to have dreams… One must also create
    an action plan to accomplish the desired end result”.
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  5. Thanks Sarah…I’ve already made some of the mistakes you mentioned but will be upping my game on the blog after listening to the 3rd video.

  6. Sarah…thank you so much for your videos. I am a beginner in Internet marketing and have already come across many of the situations you described. Your video answered many questions I had and I know it is going to save me a lot of money. Again thank you for sharing what you have learned.


  7. Sarah… I am new to internet marketing and the 3 videos have really helped me understand what I need to do and focus on.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Thanks for the vids. Yes, I did get these through your email list. Why can’t you just email directly if your list is small? Like <500. You could get through them in a week and not get penalized.

  9. Thank you Sarah. Do so admire your honesty and your delivery. You don’t talk down to anyone and make it all seem possible for idiots like me.

  10. Hi Sarah, I have just listened to your three videos, and I now know were I have been going wrong.
    Thank you.

  11. Once again I thank you. These Videos are so helpful. Nice one Sarah. You’re a Staar lol.

  12. Thank you, Sarah! This was excellent information/advise and I will implement everything you discussed.

  13. Thanks so much for the three video, this is a good lesson for will beginners and i find this videos very educative and helpful.

  14. Thank you! thank you!! thank Sarah!!!,
    That is a ton of value you’ve dropped on me. I am so excited to the point i can’t express enough gratitude.
    Thanks again Sarah.
    Thank you.

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