16 thoughts on “The biggest internet marketing mistakes to avoid Part 2”

  1. Many thanks for this advice. Fortunately, I have not done any of these mistakes about traffic. The problem I have in this moment is to biuld several sources of traffic. Every day I look for something different ad useful. In this moment my marketing campaign relyes on Adwords, Youtube and article marketing. I hope to improve even better. Have you any other intersting source of traffic to suggest? Many thanks. Bye, Fredrick

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the great info. Is video 3 still coming out on mistakes to avoid?


  3. Hi Sarah, I really liked the idea of buying traffic from Ebay. I think it could work for the project I have in mind.

  4. Thanks for this second video, Sarah. Do you have another video on the various sources of traffic and advice on where to start?

  5. Very helpful information that i am sure I will be able to profit from. Thanks Again Sarah. A question about the way you compile your videos. How much of your script is composed as say a % and how much do you fill in as you go?

  6. thank you sarah i am just trying to get started in this (internet Marketing) you have been very help full. some of the things you have talk about and pointed out not to do! is what I was going to do just because I did not know any better and on a side note finding out you was a bit dyslexic I am as well so I would love to talk to you and how you have overcome this at least how you compensate for it

  7. Love the information you gave about traffic generation mistakes and that not all traffic is created equal. Great tips and when my “product” is ready I plan on using your tips.
    Most of my advertising will be in flyers, business cards, a local paper or two, personal contact, email lists and word of mouth. Thank you for detailing how to get started online.

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