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My new mobile phone app is ready …

Download The App On iPhone | iPad | Android

Inside the app you’ll find loads of brand-new content which will only be available via the app.

– training videos
– pod casts
– training audios
– audio interviews with experts

I’m planning on adding new audio content to the app every single week.

I’d like to give you free access to all this brand-new content through my brand-new mobile phone app.

You can download it right now in the Google play store all the Apple App Store just search for Sarah Staar.


I would love to hear your feedback about the app,

What you like
what you don’t like
what you’d like to see

Please comment on this blog post and I’ll incorporate your suggestions into version 2.

Once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll need to login to the app to use it.

You only ever need to do this once. To login simply use your username and password that you use to log into

Download The App On iPhone | iPad | Android

19 thoughts on “Mobile app”

  1. Great looking App, at least what I’ve seen you show us. I think Apps are currently the in- thing, like videos were 2-3 years ago, and, still are more than ever!

    Unfortunately, local business is moving too slow to jump on using an App for their business, for many reasons, cost being the biggest! Yet, my research has indicated that even the shitiest, poorly performing and poorly reviewed app, still can get downloaded by the tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands. Go figure?

  2. Hey there,

    Just downloaded your App, no problem with the download. I am registered with you from my Gmail account, It is an account registered to my full (real) name, and I’ve had this account for almost ten years. Your App will not accept my email address when I first log in. It says, ” Please enter valid email address”.

    Here’s your first bug, and it’s a BIGGIE!

  3. I’ve typed in Sarah Staar and tried Sarah Staar Appon Google play store but the app doesn’t show.

  4. If you don’t have an account with Sarah yet, like with her Licensed Partner Team, you can click on the Create a Free Account link on the Login screen and create one.

  5. Thanks. Have now managed to download the and install the app, but login not accepting my email and password which I have checked by requesting via ‘forgotten password’

  6. Hi Sarah What about the people who don’t use there mobile phone that much
    I use my laptop for everything
    But I don’t want to miss out on anything either
    I love your stuff and always learn a lot from you
    All the best

  7. I’ve downloaded the app but when I click on it, it’s stuck whirring away with “Please Wait”. Any advice?

  8. BTW – Yes! Absolutely interested in a “Weekly Audio Podcast Show” looking inside your business each week showing what’s working, what’s not, what new products you’ve purchased etc 🙂 Be a great insight.

  9. Hi Sarah Congratulations Well done !

    I have downloaded it to my android and it looks awesome and is working fine.

    I like the simple easy-to -use Home page interface …very practical when travelling

    Yes I would vote for the weekly Podcast ..something a lot of the big IMs are doing

    Not sure if there’s any value in adding a FB page?

    Would it be possible to add an LPT members only login on the Home Page

    That would be very convenient for LPT’ers but may also be good to attract new members with a link to an intro video or to a LPT webinar or waiting list.
    Just a thought 🙂

  10. that’s a super thing to have. lunch is about the only time I have to get your training.
    It’s a bummer that nobody creates apps for windows phones.
    If you’ve every had one, iphones become a big question mark, and you’d never consider an android again.
    Don’t take that as a slam, please! It is not. The fact that you did this for your students is typical of you…awesome!
    Thank you.

  11. I have just downloaded the app and it looks great!

    Love that the podcasts go back to the spot you had last listened to, this saves a lot of frustration.

    Would love for you to do an update of what you are doing in your business each week.

    Great job!!

  12. Sarah, Blessed provider,

    You have been the source of many a pleasure though I fear I have not repaid you with the sales you deserve. In order to review this product properly, I need to tell you a bit about my personal situation.

    I am an 86-year-old wheelchair bound individual with finger amputations that make it difficult for me to hold and use mobile devices like cell phones. Therefore I downloaded the app on my desktop computer [I think]. My condition does not prevent me from using the desktop computer. It seemed to download very well. The desktop reported that I could use the program with all my devices–pad, laptop, cell phone. I’ve not tried the others yet, but I plan to see how the program works on the desktop.

    I’ll let you know if I encounter any glitches. Thanks for making this available.

    I love you,

    Larry Winebrenner

  13. hi Sarah well 44 hope you celebrated a wonderful day and turned vegan as well what motivated you ?? I enjoy reading your emails and maybe should become part of your mentoring programme ??all action lady flying helicopter that’s exciting ?you look real hot have fun bye peter mcgrath

  14. Hi Sarah Great podcast, what a wonderful thing you are doing sharing your business with us.
    Would love a copy of your new book!

  15. I downloaded and use it without any ptoblem. Great! Lol
    I would like to see an area with the material for lpt mebers. Super app!

  16. Hi Sarah,
    Great app, very easy to use – does exactly what it says it does (on the tin.) Love the content, especially the podcasts where you can start, lay it to one side for a while, come back and pick it up from you left off.

    However, possible glitch; new content came through and the little #1 showed up on the app (to indicate new content) though after I’ve gone in to the app I still see the #1. It doesn’t affect the functionality, it just looks a little bit off.

    Otherwise, totally great and thanks.

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