Sarah Staar Interviews Simon Coulson

I left home yesterday morning at 9 AM and set off in my car to drive to Simon 
Coulson's house because he’d agreed to do a video nterview with me.

I’ve known Simon Coulson for about two or three years now and he’s one 
of the most successful Internet marketers I know.
Simon has made over $15 million online so he knows a thing or two 
about Internet marketing.Oh and by the way that $15 million he made 
was not selling Internet marketing  products……
Anyway I spent a couple of hours with Simon and asked some 
interesting questions and got some very interesting answers.


GoTo Simon’s Business Academy >>>


4 thoughts on “Sarah Staar Interviews Simon Coulson”

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing this informative video.

    I have learn some important points from the video and I totally agree with it:

    1) There is no magic bullet available online when it come to making online.

    2) It is more important to focus on giving values to the market as we want to operate a long term business.

    3) It is always a good decision to be honest in our business

    4) Having the right mindset is important.

    5) It is better to stay Focus on following one system and take consistent action to get the results.

    Thank you again for sharing the great 5 lessons with me 🙂


  2. Yes, mindset I have discovered is absolutely central to any kind of success – the biggest obstacle is your own laziness, your disbelief, your restlessness-if you can clam yourself right down and just focus on one system and relentlessly work on it. Seems simple but people just won't listen, they won't take it in.

  3. Thank you Sarah & Simon, congratulations on your great success! it amazes me to hear how so many who have really no knowledge of online marketing, kind-of just jump in, and it works, I keep thinking I need to know a lot more before I start, and never seem to get there. I would not agree with Michael, that it is laziness..but I would say it is fear og failure!

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