8 thoughts on “Sarah staar IM Newsletter – Driving To The Airport”

  1. I would like all your videos captioned with step by step guidance so I could understand how to do it. Thank you ?

  2. very nice imoff wednesday look forward to seminar
    Silicon Cowboys remeber all that time

  3. Thanks Sarah, great video, good tips about how to start when feeling overwhelmed. I like the way you can make things simple.
    Do post a video of the Grand Canyon from your chopper flight. Cheers, Marie

  4. I really enjoyed LISTENING to your news letter. Although as you had pointed out it is convenient to print information out, there is a connection that video give that the written word cannot. I am noticing that many marketers video from their car. Curious to know how you do you do this. Is your recording device (( iphone7+ )mine) mounted to the interior?

  5. Sarah
    Excellent Video Newsletter ..thank you .. you should do more of these 🙂
    but the written Newsletters still have value 🙂
    Just very efficient and personable whilst driving in a ” hands free” state-of-the-Art Electric car !!
    Have a great trip to the US and a great conference ..

    Look forward to many inspiriting tips and strategies on your return

  6. Actually watched Silicone Cowboys about a week ago or so while holidaying in the Algarve. Very interesting. I’d thought Compaq had disappeared but actually merged with HP and are still in the computer business today.

  7. Brill stuff as per normal Sarah.
    So honest and open.
    BUT…… you want to be careful showing videos when driving.. seriously, especially taking your hands off the wheel.
    Just be careful of the law.

    Appreciate all you I’M information.

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