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  1. Good video Sarah and like yourself learning from failure and not being disappointed and giving up.

  2. Don’t be so harsh on yourself Sarah!

    I was at the event and think you presented very well.

    I have to say I was discussing with someone else at the event, how I wish i had the money to invest. Currently redundant with little to no income for months

    I will become a LP very soon.

    Glad to see to share this side of you….only human.

    Honestly, I believe you speak very well every time I see and hear you speak.

    Not at all embarrassing…. I respect even more now.

    Ps. I think your giveaway was pure value even though I did get a copy before there was no more on the day

  3. Hi Sarah, interesting that you think you had a failure at the event. I would call it an unexpected outcome!! Lets be frank you are a success, you are successful and you know and must have heard it a million times that all success is built on a raft of failures, so you are way past the start up/failure phases. Your recent experience is a bit like the sure thing on the race track that unexpectedly gets beaten and people scratch their heads as to why such an unexpected outcome happened. Put into context it’s happened, you can’t change history and you have indicated that you are going to change the way you approach such events in the future to get a more positive outcome. One thing I would say is at such events try not to get the graveyard shift as at such all day events audience concentration levels are down after lunchtime and if they have already purchased something chances are they are less likely to engage in something further unless they have specifically come to see your presentation. I speak from experience of attending one of Andrew Reynolds 3 day boot camps several years back and how I felt towards the end of each day….in fact on day 3 I left at lunchtime as 3 days is just too much…so if you ever get involved with one of those type of boot camps my advice is try and get in as a presenter on day 1 and in the morning if poss as that is went the audience is at it’s most attentive and eager to buy.

  4. Yeah pretty cool comment exactly everything is not always a success…but you are going to go out of your way to learn how to speak from the best!
    You speak very clearly as Ive heard a few of your videos…I dont think you have any worries at all!

  5. Hi Sarah! What a great and powerful message! Well done first for taking responsibility for your attempts. Nothing is a failure if you look at every attempt (as Edison taught us) is a learning opportunity. It is very obvious as to where your success comes from Sarah; the understanding that failure is no such thing, other than a lesson of how not to proceed. Thank you!
    You reminded me that it is important simply to keep looking for what will work for me.

  6. Hello Sarah I’ve been watching your video’s for a while now and what I would like to know is are your programs and teachings available in the us as well

  7. Hi Sarah,
    I am one of your newbies and have already bought into your programme and am a LPT member.
    It just has to put you off your stroke when the system went down and not just once, and I thought you coped with it exceeding well. I have done a bit of public speaking and know what it’s like to ‘put on the face of coping’ and desperately needing to appear cool, calm and collect, whilst running dynamite through your head!
    I think you devalued your pitch, you gave a good, friendly, professional set and on the basis of myself having bought into three other systems at over £5,000 and you being last on, it would have been inevitable that others too would have done so and would have run out of money or and time to implement yet another money making course!
    Being ‘the last runner too, when everyone is punch drunk with having to take in so much info, cannot have helped matters.
    Sometime one can ‘come over too professional” and you could loose your charisma if taking ‘a speakers course’ by becoming more of a professional automaton, I thought Simon approach was brilliant and yours very similar.

  8. Very practical and insightful information. Comments are interesting and informative.`

  9. Success or Failure, I love listening to you Sarah, you are always an inspiration to me.

  10. Hi Sarah, I really enjoyed your talk on failure. I have also had my failures in life too. Thank you for being human. I signed up for your courses twice. I really hope that we can talk one day about my affiliate business. I really need your help. Cheers Vincent

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