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So what I am thinking of doing is running a small workshop, for those of you who want something a bit “hands-on”, around mid-June.

My idea is to run it over 2 days, with the first day looking at getting you started as quickly as possible and make money immediately, and the second day is about paid traffic and the techniques I use.

This will be your chance to get some face-to-face coaching and get started on the correct path to making money on-line, and its going to be really practical and all about DOING stuff rather than theory or strategy.

I am thinking about a small workshop in the UK London where anyone who comes along will leave with the ability to create profitable campaigns, using the most effective approach in the market.

Email me at if this sounds like something you’d like to do and I will send you all the details..

Talk soon















7 Replies to “Live Events”

  1. I am one of your new Affiliate Marketing students.

    Please keep me informed of your upcoming events.

    Regards David Jubb. 4th June 2013

  2. I paid for the 3 day event in London June 12-14 and not need the event details and address.

  3. When are you holding a 2017 live event? How much please?

    I work shift patterns at work if I know in time then I’m really looking most forward to attending.

    One-on-Training/Skype, how much?

    Thank you.

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