Makeing a full-time living from video marketing

By now most, if not all of you, should know I make a full-time
living from video marketing, selling affiliate marketing
products, promoting my AdSense sites, and also using video
marketing for lead generation.

And those of you who read my video blog and newsletters probably
know that over the last six months I’ve been putting together
everything I know about video marketing into what has become a
nine module online course.

Well Sarah Staar’s Video Marketing Workshop is now finished and
ready for you to use ! Go to

and see what I have for you.

One of the best aspects of video marketing is the fact that right
now there is very little real competition in pretty much any
niche – which leaves the door wide open for all of us.

There is little competition because many people are scared of
standing in front of a camera and they think they have to look
like a professional TV production.

Well the reality is that nothing can be further from the truth,
the best videos are ones that aren’t over produced,
and if you are scared of standing in front of a camera then well
how many out of work actors are around now ?

Well, you probably be surprised to hear that a lot of the niches
I am in I don’t make the videos, If I am promoting a fitness
product for men who do you think I get to do the video?
So I actually outsource a lot of the videos that I use to do
video marketing !

So like I said, I’ve put together a nine module video course all
about how I do video marketing. It covers everything from how you
actually make videos, such as, using a video camera, how to edit
videos, encoding videos, etc, and most importantly how you can
get your videos onto the front page of Google.

I also show you how you can make videos that will convert and how
you can sell Clickbank products using video.
And of course how to outsource video production !!

There is so much content in this course I couldn’t fit it on one
download page so what I’ve done is create a full-blown membership
site for you which I will update regularly.

My course “video marketing workshop” is priced at $297 for a
lifetime membership to the site.

But for Sarah Staar newsletter readers I have a special offer
just for you – if you use the coupon code 086list you can get my
entire 9 module video marketing workshop for $197.

All the content in this course is completely unique, completely
up-to-date, and shows you exactly what I do myself, so as I don’t
want to create too much competition for myself I am limiting the
number of downloads of the course to just 100 copies, and once I
reach 100 copies the doors will close.

So check it out

PS Do not get ripped off buying other video products costing 10
times as much until you have seen what I have included in my

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