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  1. Good points Sarah. Agree with most. However, I've done really well with tools. Currently turning good profit a year sum in dollars in the SEO niche and it's done entirely with SEO tools. My other niches I have turned over to outsourcers, however they either write content or use the same tools. I think the issue is people going "tool mad" They have no plan, they just buy tools and expect that they will just automatically rank now they have an application to create the links and build the relationships. Applications do not cure laziness sadly.A lazy person with a tool will get about the same done as a lazy person without one in my experience – even if they have exactly the right product for their strategy, they fail to "follow through" [ (c) Anthony Robbins ].

    Videos? 95% of my videos do not have a call to action. Because that's not the way I use videos. Sometimes vids are about to building rep in a community not selling at first. The method you proscribe is a very "on the nose" way of marketing. "Here's my video – here's my product – buy it" there's many other ways to use videos effectively. Your video here is an excellent example. Over 10 mins long, mostly static screen, no call to action. But very VERY good.

    It's all about building rep and establishing your credentials in the field. Really enjoyed this Sarah, a great video. As for "Get rich quick" and "Golden bullet" software. I'm still facepalming when I hear of people buying that stuff 🙂

  2. I see a lot of people trying to sell their own products or trying to sell affiliate products but with no call to action.

    In this video i was not selling anything, but i did have a call to action, it was comment below the video and click the like button.

  3. Another great video Sarah. For 2013 let’s “Focus on Focus.” Each of us is part marketer/part IM customer, and the first should be the dominant component. For many it’s the other way round; serial scatter-shot purchases unrelated to a goal. If you settle on London as your destination, don’t confuse yourself with satnav updates on Birmingham.

  4. Gotcha. And that's a great point in itself. I have several vid channels on Youtube, the newest is about 11 months old and has 101 vids on it. All proper vids, no slideshows, no overt commerciallity. Videos work, there is no doubt about that. The number of PM's, blog comments, emails and SKYPE requests I get from people saying they saw me first on video is pretty startling. I put an unshortened link somewhere underneath them and make it clear where they can contact me in the video. It's "slowly slowly catchy monkey" maybe, but I've found a pretty large number of people who subscribe to the "I'll listen as long as you don't try and sell me anything" category. You know what? After a while…they buy – in fact if you're patient they convert like you wouldn't believe. In the end, once you are over the slow start up, the flow through is consistent and at a percentage which [according to what i've read and heard from others in the business] is well above the average. For smaller products – say under $1000 per unit or SKU my refund rate is under 1.8%. Trust first, sales later is a real tactic. My all expenses paid trip to Canun with Neverblue next month and the motorbike given to me by Honda last November (very nice, very large bike, which I'm not actually licensed to ride) for being their indy affilaite of the year was all achieved with this sort of approach. It's not for everyone, but it's a viable option for those with a mind to do it differently.

  5. Thank you Sarah, you really do deliver sound information. A lot of great advise, and all the happiness with your new married life.

  6. Hello Sarah thanks for the great information.. Can you tell me how and where to go.. To outsource all of my website SEO please? It would be most helpful..

  7. in the next 2 – 3 weeks i will be releasing my own SEO service i will keep you updated.

  8. Sarah -Thanks for sharing this valuable info especially helpful for newbies just getting into this industry. No one shares this type of info. This has been extremely helpful. Much appreciated!

  9. Thanks Sarah…I liked your point about having a clear call to action in the video..actually telling them what to do next ie “click the link below this video.” Good stuff.

  10. As usual Sarah very concise and to the point and well appreciated. I wish your meetups were not so London centric. I would be there all the time!
    You mention buying stuff, well I have bought most if not all of your stuff and not opened it! I must concentrate and make a plan.
    As I can never be a Sarah Staar or a Nick James I think my plan should be affiliate marketing. Now where was that course from Sarah Staar!!

  11. Thanks. A video that many of us can relate to.

    This video and I imagine the next one show what not to do.

    Will the video after that show what to do?

  12. Good stuff Sarah, I think we’ve all been guilty of buying lot’s of products
    without truly knowing why and of chasing shiny objects
    I’ve been quietly pleased with myself this year,on plan,just 1 WSO which was
    the best $7 ever spent and some really clear focus
    Like many who comment here I value what you have to say and the numbers I can
    say that about have probably dropped to under 20
    Thanks for sharing Tony

  13. HI Sarah,

    Hope you and Dave had a great time on your honeymoon and the internet marketers cruise. I wish you and Dave all the very best of happiness and success! You are both most deserving of it.

    I wanted to make a couple of points. First is that you have many good products, but the reason I do not always buy them is that I may not feel I am far enough along to fully benefit from them.

    Sometimes it takes some time to “get it,” and I am not “ready” to utilize the product properly. I think the reason why so many people go about buying so many products and then do not use them is they are bewildered by their lack of organization, and “what to do next.” (certainly my issue)

    Just like you suffer from dyslexia, people like myself (I have ADD) have a problem with thinking and acting in a logical sequential manner. I think one of the best things you could do as far as product creation, is to create a product that helps (NO…make that FORCES) people to be organized about every aspect of their internet marketing efforts even including such things as organizing the paying of the various services they use for their marketing, and how to channel the proper amount of their profits back into their business.

    Just as I cannot imagine what it’s like to be dyslexic, perhaps you cannot imagine what it is like to have ADD and be “disorganized” by nature. I think a lot of folks fall into that catagory, and thus it inhibits their marketing efforts.

    You might be thinking…God, I don’t have time to be a pscyhologist or lifestyle coach and I agree that of course you can only do so much to help people. I am just suggesting that some kind of software that helps people organize and manage their tasks would be extremely helpful.

    Perhaps such a system already exists, and if so, you could certainly promote it as an affiliate.

    On another note however, I think you are doing a wonderful job putting quality products out there in the marketplace, and you are definately (along with Martin Avis) my most trusted resource for internet marketing info and products. You are genuinely interested in helping others, and this is perhaps your greatest quality.

    Oh….and of course you are absolutely beautiful too!

    Thank you for reading this.

    Kind Regards,


  14. I like to keep it simple. (Ok, and ‘tounge in cheek’ in this case but never the less I bet most people agree 😉 )

    For me the value of a good mentor’s instructional video or course can be measured by the number of ‘uh-oh’ moments followed by the number of ‘ah-ha’ moments.

    Uh-oh!, I have obviously been doing it wrong…

    Ah-ha! So that’s how it’s done…

    Sarah’s material is always peppered with both!

    Thank you again Sarah 🙂

  15. Thanks so very much, Sarah, for being the caring (and sharing) entrepreneur that you are. There are too few of you in the world.

    Yes, indeed, lack of focus can get one (me) into purchasing products from diverse and unrelated niches–and before I’ve even made a penny online. So, I’m certainly one of the many you’re talking to. I also really appreciated your caveats regarding purchasing software and software licenses; and your words about self-presentation as opposed to PowerPoint slides in videos. And gosh, I didn’t know that video development required SEO. None of the sellers from whom I’ve bought video products have told me that.

    Thank you so much, Sarah. I hope you’ll continue to care about and share with us.

    And may heaven smile on your new marriage!

  16. Excellent stuff Sarah. Your presentation on the biggest internet marketing mistakes to avoid is the starting point that everyone interested in this subject should have. It’s also
    the starting point that most of us probably didn’t get, unfortunately and expensively. Your descriptions and explanations are clear, completely comprehensible, factual and obviously based on first hand experience from someone who has learned their subject, and then gone on to be very successful at it. Your video offers a hugely encouraging starting point for anyone who is thinking “I want to do this, please show me the way forward”. Absolutely solid, feet on the ground .. follow me, this is how you do it. Many thanks Sarah, I really like your style. Keep up the good work. John

  17. Sarah, I just wish that I have had this valuable information several years ago before spending in the region of £8000 buying one product after another hoping to find a 'magic genie' but ending up with several large cardboard boxes full of CD's, DVD's and manuals with pages printed on one side in extra large font that always seemed to lack all the info required to get started. I'm just relieved that I'm not the only one that has wasted money like this. As you rightly point out, there are genuinely good product vendors out there so people that are really interested in I.M. should take advantage of the review sites and forums where they can see what other marketers are saying about the products before they part with their hard earned cash.

    I want to thank you a lot for these valuable free videos Sarah, and even though I've ended up with the most expensive stock of spare empty DVD cases in Britain, I can take comfort that at least there is good advice out there and not just the 'perceived value' stuff that taught me basically how I was being ripped off.

    Kind Regards.

  18. Thank you, Sarah. A really helpful video. I particularly liked your advice of having a plan and sticking to it. You have given me a lot to think about.

  19. I wanted to comment [as you've suggested 😉 ] because I've just watched the first video and am going on to watch the second video. Thank you for your clear concise information. I understood everything and I "get it." I know it's true that I can make money off of the internet and change my life.
    What to do next , because I know what kind of web information I want to create, is to learn how to build a list. FOCUS. I will learn that. It will become my word for the day everyday until I focus on learning to build my list well. Thank you Sarah Staar.

  20. Hi Sarah.
    The info you shared about e-bay is a gem. I suppose the same may work for Amazon and Alibaba?
    Terrific content in all three videos, just what newbies and oldies need to hear in this IM mine field.

  21. I always enjoy your courses and videos. Very good materials. Would you have a course on list building and email marketing?

    Thank you.

  22. Outstanding session. It far more interesting when one focuses on the mistakes that are made. It is in this area that one builds one's marketing skills. From here one can build's marketing skills. Thanks Sarah

  23. Great Video but I am a affilate for clicksure.com and I am getting hundreds of clicks just under 1000 in 5 weeks, and clicksure says I have no commissions yet. Is that right as I have loads of members in different facebook pages well over the millions. So I would things everyone that has clicked is a sale correct or not please.

  24. As someone new to this industry this video series makes a lot of sense with an outstanding instructor, clear, logical and no nonsense. When you do find someone who is completely trustworthy is makes the task of separating the message from the noise a whole lot easier.

  25. Thanks for this video,especially about buying high-end products.Verry helpful for me as I usually buy first and ask questions later or not at all.

  26. Thanks Sarah, I really enjoy all you are sharing with us. I wish I could afford all your other programs and trips you offer. Hopefully I can make enough from what you are sharing to purchase the others.
    Thanks again

  27. Sarah has a very intelligent enthusiastic method in which she disseminates information very clearly which helps some one like me who is taking there first steps into Internet Marketing

    Best Regards


  28. So enjoyed watching this. I’m really not quite ready to do marketing yet, blog is in its early stages. So learning what Not to do is very helpful. Want to get started the right way. I been doing research, taken a few online classes, determined that some proposed classes, seminars, products aren’t where my needs are at currently and they might not ever be something that I will need. Thanks so much for inviting me to view your videos. You are concise, communicate well, and reinforce some conclusions I’ve already reached or learned through trial and error.

  29. I’m so glad I discovered you Sarah, you are so down to earth. I’m looking forward to listening to more than this first discovery, and now I also know, with more attention.
    Thanks for sharing and caring.

  30. Very good to hear some wisdom instead of more knowledge. With out knowing what you should not do as a marketer. Thank you for your kindness and time!

  31. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and helping others
    not to make the same mistakes. I am new to internet marketing, and have made
    some of the mistakes you talked about. The information you shared today has helped me realize I need to focus on what I want to do and stick with it.
    Have a Blessed Day

  32. Great information video Sarah,

    By the way – Have you turned my web cam into a spy cam?, cos 90% of what you tell us don’t do – I have done.

    I know better now,

    Many thanks


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