The $200 A Day Videos

A few weeks back I put on a workshop called “The $200 A Day Income Blueprint”


This was one of my most successful workshops to date, in fact the workshop sold out in a matter of days and there were loads of people who wanted to come but I just simply couldn’t fit any more people in the room.

To cater for all those people who I had to turn away and also all those people overseas I filmed the whole event.

I’ve just finished editing all the videos from the event and have uploaded them to my site.

During the day I detailed the exact system I use in my business every day, a blueprint for making $200 a day. I had some amazing feedback after the event just look at some of the testimonial videos….

3 Responses to The $200 A Day Videos

  • Hi Sarah,

    I’d like to know which video system you use to allow you to work outdoors.
    I find that as soon as I take my laptop outside, I’m not able to view the screen due to excess light.
    You obviously have the answer to this because you seem to be able to work in the middle of a field with your laptop.
    I’d appreciate the answer to this problem as it would allow me to do a similar kind of thing that you illustrate without the need to purchase additional very expensive hardware.

    Many thanks


  • Well the best thing is my kindle i can use this in bright sunlight.

    My laptop screen is hard to read in bright sunlight. What i normally do is use a sun umbrella or work on the deck which is in the shade in the day.

    hope this helps,


  • Hi Sarah

    I was scamed with so called internet business oportunities so many times that I lose hope that I could earn some money on internet. And my wishes were not very big :-). I just like to earn 2300 dollars at month to leave my job. Can you prove me that I can earn some money with your system?

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