Sarah Staar Interviews Simon Coulson

I left home yesterday morning at 9 AM and set off in my car to drive to Simon 
Coulson's house because he’d agreed to do a video nterview with me.

I’ve known Simon Coulson for about two or three years now and he’s one 
of the most successful Internet marketers I know.
Simon has made over $15 million online so he knows a thing or two 
about Internet marketing.Oh and by the way that $15 million he made 
was not selling Internet marketing  products……
Anyway I spent a couple of hours with Simon and asked some 
interesting questions and got some very interesting answers.


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Interview With Martin Avis

In 2009 I attended a live Internet marketing conference and I bumped
into somebody called Martin Avis, he seemed like a very down-to-earth
person so I bought his product.

I very quickly started to make money from Martin's product and I've
never looked back. Last Tuesday I went round to Martin Avis's house
and filmed a one-hour interview with him.

In the interview Martin explained exactly how he makes a full-time
living from home working only one or two hours a week, he also
explains exactly what he would do if he was starting again today
from scratch.


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