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Well its coming up to the end of the month, and it feels like its
been a lot longer !!

Why is that I hear you ask ??

Well it was my birthday at the end of August and it was on my
birthday that I went down with some horrible flu type virus, and
the truth is I haven’t shaken it off yet.

But also….

Now everyone is back from holidays the seminar/event/conference
season is open and we have been out talking to people and filming
events, of course it is also the time of year when we get a rush of
new products….

So in this newsletter I am going to be sharing with you some of the
best of the stuff that I have picked up recently (and I don’t mean
my flu!)..

Google Adwords – How things have changed – again!!
Its really strange how a bit of competition can make large
corporations change their policies, and in this case its Facebook
that have basically forced Google to relax its Adwords policy.

Way back in the beginning of the century (sounds funny saying that
!) Google Adwords/Pay per Click was both easy to use (in the sense
of getting ads approved) and cheap to use, ie the cost per click
was really low.

Then Google tightened up on everything and getting ads approved was
hard (and a few people got accounts blocked – I was one of them)
and the cost per click rose to the point where it wasn’t really
worth using Google Adwords for affiliate marketing  and other

So now I use Facebook quite a lot, its cheaper, the ads are easier
to get approved, and the targeting is better.

Well guess what ? From a conversation I was having with a colleague
– Jeff Alexander – it appears that Google is worried about the
competition from Facebook for its core revenue stream and has now
been gradually relaxing the rules in order to get advertisers back
into the fold.

So now its worth looking at Google PPC again.

If you want to know more Jeff  (who is a Google certified adwords
consultant) is running a workshop later this week ( yes , sorry I
know it’s short notice !) to bring you up-to date on this.

And the incentive he is offering is that he can give you a £75
Google Advertising voucher (provided a few simple conditions are
met) which effectively halves the cost of going to the workshop !


Seems to me a no-brainer…. And I will be there as well……

More Google – WSO of the week !!

This little piece is about the other side of Google, its rival to
Facebook, Google +.

Lots of people and businesses don’t have Google + accounts, and
most of those that do don’t know how to use them properly.

So if you can learn how to use Google + properly then there is
quite a big potential upside.

You do know that a decent Google + account means your associated
website gets a boost in ranking from Google ?

I used Google hangouts recently, the video bit of it, and was well
impressed by the growing functionality Google are building into the
product, but I have to confess I don’t know how to really use it,

in the same way – for instance – that I know how to use Facebook.
So, a friend of mine, Cassie Hicks, has written an ebook on how to
use Google + properly and she launched that as a Warrior Special
Offer last week…

For £9.99 it’s a real snip and well worth buying… But you have to
be quick, it’s not going to be up there for long !!

There is a lot of good stuff sold very cheaply as a WSO, but there
is also a lot of complete rubbish on there as well, and because a
few of you have asked me too, I will give you every now and then
what I have picked up as a BEST BUY from the Warrior Forum. And
Cassie’s book definitely counts !!



Free wordpress plugins and Themes

On my travels to internet marketing events and bumping into
interesting people I am always hearing about cool new tools and

I have decided to list the best of what I have found each week.

This is a free wordpress plugin that creates surveys.

WP Hide Pages
This is a free wordpress plugin that you can use to hide a page
from your wordpress menu and rss feed.

Parabola WordPress Theme
I saw this demonstrated at a workshop I was at over the weekend and
I must say I was impressed. Download it and have a look, it’s FREE!!


Interesting statistics – Small Business Website Statistics

45 % Percent of small businesses with websites in 2009

13 % Percent who plan on getting a website for their business

37 % Smart Pone users who have purchased an item via m-commerce

8.8 % Percent of retailers using m-commerce


Source statisticbrain. com

Facebook Video Interview

Last week I interview an underground Facebook affiliate.  He
revealed how he is making affiliate commissions from his Facebook

Go have a look at the video.



Talk soon,




P.S. Have a great week whatever you are doing!