The One Thing

The quickest way to wealth


“What’s the secret to your success Sarah ?” I get asked..

“I’m a complete new be where should I start ?”

“Can I make money without a blog?”

These are some of the questions that people ask me all the time when I meet them at live events workshops.

What’s my response?

Everything I’ve achieved, the house, the cars, the money that’s deposited into my bank account every single day is all thanks to my email list.

But it wasn’t always like this, back in 2009 had been struggling for around 12 months. I’ve made some money but I wasn’t seeing consistent results.

I decided it was time I meet some Internet marketers in person so I found an event and booked myself in. It was Martin Avis’s London lunch.

I spoke to as many people as possible at this event, there was an interesting mix of people from complete beginners to multimillionaires. One thing everybody had in common was they were all Internet marketers.

After speaking to 4 or 5 successful Internet marketers, people who are making over 10k a month, I quickly realised that the one thing they all had in common was an email list.

I realised that to be successful online I had to work out a way that I could build an email list from scratch. I also had to learn how to write emails, communicate with that list, and build a relationship with that list (yes that’s you !)

But hang on a minute….. I’m dyslexic how can I possibly write emails and build an email list?

It took me 12 months of hard work but at the end of that 12 months I had an email list of over 10,000 people and I had quit my day job.

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London Meetup – Internet Marketing Hot Seats “no Selling”

 I am hosting a meetup where YOU are the STAR and YOUR business and website are the main attraction. It’s what I call “The HOT SEATS” where I puts YOUR website up on the big screen and critiques it in front of a live audience!

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You’ll get amazing feedback from everyone in the room. Plus as an attendee, you’ll learn incredible tips on website optimization,
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We have question and answer sessions in London where you will learn exactly how to get started online, take your offline business
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For example, some of the things we cover are:
* The one thing you must do to get your online business into high gear
* How to establish yourself as a brand – via the internet
* Three things you must include on your web site for maximum results!
* How to partner up with other local entrepreneurs to create Joint Ventures so you can DOMINATE your market
* Ten killer web site mistakes you can easily fix…
* Twelve advanced strategies for long term success!
* How to get Virtual Assistants and Outsourcers
* How to automate from one on one to one to MANY using 3 different internet based technologies

And so much more (a lot more)!

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You’ll want to bring plenty of business cards to EVERY meetup, plus
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