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OMG I found this out by accident..

So there I was surrounded by very wealthy Internet entrepreneurs.

It was late 2009 and I had managed purely by accident to get an invite to an Internet entrepreneur drinks evening.

I felt kind of nervous because I was surrounded by millionaire product owners, affiliate marketers, CPA marketers and even a couple of people that run very successful eBay businesses.

After speaking to several very successful people I quickly realized that the one thing they all have in common was an email list.

Since 2009 my one focus in my business has been building my email list and mastering the art of selling via email.

People often ask me what’s the secret to successful Internet Marketing?

My answer, Email Marketing…..

This Thursday I’m hosting a very special live training class “How To Build A List of 1,000 people in the next 30 days” and I’d love to have you come along.

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Do you know that having your own list is the key to making your dreams happen ?

During This Webinar You Will Learn

– How to get people to sign up to your email list (And how to do it for FREE!)

– How I generate $31 from each new subscriber that joins my list…

– How to get people to open your emails predisposed to BUY FROM YOU.

– How to provide massive value from your emails and still make a ton of sales.

– How to get your email list into a BUYING FRENZY without being all “salesy”

And lots more …..

See you at 8.00pm UK Time , 3:00 pm EDT!

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The webinar is This Thursday

EST/EDT, Eastern Standard Time (US) 3:00pm

LONDON, United Kingdom, England 8:00pm

CST/CDT, Central Standard Time (US) 2:00pm

PST/PDT, Pacific Standard Time (US) 12:00pm

all the best,

Sarah Staar

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