2012 The Year You Quit Your Day Job – Find Out How

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7 Responses to 2012 The Year You Quit Your Day Job – Find Out How

  • Great, as always you provide authentic advise. I have been visiting your blog for quite awhile and observe what you are doing and apply it.

    I have watched your interview with Martin and got lot of insights from it about email marketing.

    Notice the white board behind you are those your 2012 goals?

    Anyway thanks and enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

  • Thanks Sarah for the information, i have been trying to find someone that would setup a system for me and reasonable about it. because i tried and got frustrated with and i have not done anything with again

  • Yeah. Thanks Sarah i have been thinking about that, this is the time to start to do it. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Awesome video quality. And a lovely voice. Plus, solid, practical advice.

    Thanks for *all* of that!

    –Kirk in MN

  • Sounds good, but have a list is not enough to sell something to your subscribers. Every marketers says that success in selling is all about great relationship with list. We can build great relationship giving people valuable content. But how it’s possible with many list in different niche? It takes a lot of time I think. How to do this? How you do this Sarah?:)

  • Good stuff Sarah,

    Problem I have is what to send out to my list when your in a micro niche.

    Any thoughts of where to get good material from?


  • @Magda
    Sounds like you have many lists in different niches. Are those niches in the some Market? Eg: Listing Building Niche, Product Creation Niche in IM Market or niches in total different Market?

    If it’s different Niches within the Market it should be fine to provide general value. Eg: Sharing Traffic Generation Tips to List Building audience.

    However, it will be better to provide content as specific as possible. Anyway this is business we need to put in effort.

    Be consistence and give more than expected just watch what Sarah is doing. Cheers.

    Do you micro Niche have any general forum?

    For Instance, your micro niche is “World of Warcraft” game. You can visit General Game Forum and look at the threads or section and there should be members talking about “WOW” game. Read the hot subject and topic members are sharing or debating in. Find the answers and send it to your list. 🙂

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