Making money online

Making money online has always been a very private affair for me.
I sit at my computer late at night (like many of you do I
suspect) tapping away, setting up Adwords campaigns, or building
blogs. I then check my sales every morning when I get up.

However, recently I started to go out to Internet marketing
meetings and events where I started to meet real people who make
money online. Not all the people I meet make money, many have
just as much knowledge as me or even more in some cases but just
don’t seem to be to make any money online.

I always thought this was strange until I went to a couple of
Internet marketing seminars  – Frank Garons  More Traffic Bigger
List workshop  & Mark Anastasis Traffic Generation Summit. These
were great events but I have to say if I wasn’t making money
online I wouldn’t know where to start because when you attend one
of these events you are bombarded with system after system, sort
of an information overload.

It soon became apparent after talking to a few people that they
didn’t know where to start, so instead of taking action they
would buy yet another e-book or another course but would still
never take action, its like buying something was a susbtitute for
taking real action
So ………my thought is this

You’ve got to concentrate on the one thing !

and then……..

Start with the one thing you’ll feel most comfortable starting
out with !

If you are a good writer, then that could be article marketing.
If you are dyslexic like me you might want to concentrate your
efforts on something like affiliate marketing with Google
Adwords, or video marketing.

But it all boils down to taking action and concentrating on one
thing. Only buy a course or e-book if you know you’re going to
take action after reading the book. Read the book go through
chapter by chapter and implement what it says. This is what I do
, I have a very strict rule that I do not buy a new book or
course until I have completely tried out what the course or book

At Frank Garons  More Traffic Bigger List workshop I filmed
several interviews with people at the event and asked them what
their top Internet marketing tips were. The responses were very
interesting because nearly everybody said the most important
thing was to concentrate on one thing and take action. I will
include a link to these videos in the next newsletter, they make
very interesting viewing.

So remember concentrate on the one thing….