Mentoring You To Make $100 A Day

Well this is turning into quite a busy week, lots happening.

First of all let me just say “thank you” to everyone that has
contacted me about the mentoring package I mentioned in my $100 a
day video update.

I have had so many replies it has been difficult to keep up with
them all and have had quite a few people wanting to sign up.

If you missed my video update on the $100 a day challenge then
see it below.

So, as a result I had my first hour long mentoring session last
week and I wanted to share with you what the guys key issues
were, because this may also apply to you.

His key issues were

a) finding the time to do what needed to be done, caused by

b) trying to do too much too soon with complex off the shelf
products, made worse by

c) not having a good understanding of the basics and why certain
things are done in a certain order and specific way

d) and so coming up against brick walls he couldn’t work around,
contacting support desks and not getting an answer

This was a guy that had attended lots of seminars, bought lots of
products and was getting really annoyed at the lack of progress
he was making, sound familiar ?

Lots of people (and this includes those of you that that have
contacted me) seem to have partial knowledge or know bits and
pieces, but not enough to actually create a serious money making
system or internet business for themselves right now.

So as a result of this chat, I went back to MoneyMakers TV and
looked again at the content from the point of view of any newbie.

And what I have done is I have restructured the content, and
created a whole new set of videos that are designed to take the
newbie (or noobs as someone described themselves this morning),
or people that just have certain key bits of knowledge missing,
to the point where they have a firm grounding in the basics and a
knowledge of why things are done and how they fit together.

Out of this came 2 key realisations.

Firstly I realise that because I have been running an
internet-based video production company I have had a thorough
practical grounding in the basics and about 10 years experience
in doing them – which is why so much Internet Marketing comes
easy to me.

Secondly, I was making the same mistake that other product
producers and internet gurus make (not that I see myself as a
guru you understand), assuming that everyone is like me and has
that experience and knowledge.

So last weekend I spent all my time producing the entire first
training module with about 8 videos…… phew !! (Wipes sweat off
furrowed brow !!)

And this will now form the first module of my “$100 a day

What I have decided to do is, NOT to do what everybody does and
release a set of videos – this is how to do it – instead I am
going to release the videos in 3 training modules

– a basic skills module
– an advanced skills module
– and then the $100 a day challenge module

with the mentoring support to run alongside as well, speaking to
you on the phone, webinars etc.

I just want to say thank you to everybody who has talked to me
either face to face or online or on the phone, because this has
all come as something of a revelation to me and made me aware of
just exactly where people are starting from, and why they get so

Timescale ? I will launch this through Money Makers TV within the
next 3 weeks

Numbers ? places on the mentoring programme will be limited and
I will offer places to those of you who receive this newsletter
first of all.

Spy On What I Am Doing This Week

Also this week, Saj P is launching the Banner Ad Blueprint

Saj P is one of the good guys and not one of those millionaire
gurus who bullshits about how much money he makes (and who treats
his customers as sheep !).

I got to know Saj P because we filmed some of his workshops, and
the story is that one day his laptop coughed and spluttered and
gave up and he borrowed mine. He logged on online to a couple of
his Clickbank accounts – so I know the amount of money he really
was making in a DAY, not a month.

So, what I have been doing this week is putting together a bonus
offer to go with the product launch.

What I want to do is just to find out how much I can make by Jv
ing with a respected product producer on the launch of their
product, and I will be using all the classic internet marketing

– pay per click
– listbuilding
– unique bonus
– video marketing
to see how well I do

To spy on what I am doing have a look at my bonus offer below

Note this is nothing to do with the $100 a day challenge and only
experienced marketers should buy this product !!

Income from Newsletters

It wasn't long ago that I went to my first Internet marketing   
meeting. It was the "London Lunch" organised by Martin Avis. Over   
lunch I got talking to a couple of guys by the name of Chris   
Freville and Phil Wiley, both of whom are very successful   
Internet marketers who you may have heard of.

I told them what I was doing with my review sites and my success   
with ad words and they both told me that I should be building an   
e-mail list, and if I wasn't I was "leaving a lot of money on the   

Phil told me that his record is (US$63,000)  commissions in one   
day from one email !. I then got talking to Martin and he told me   
that his record is $6,000 in 24 hours  from one email. It got me   
thinking, am I missing out on something here?

Building a list is something that Internet marketers recommend in   
many of the books and videos I have collected over the last few   
months, but I'd always thought building a list as being too   
difficult, and then I had absolutely no idea what I would write   
to my list about, especially since I'm dyslexic.

I went away from the "London Lunch"  (is there a New York Lunch   
?) with the clear idea that I was going to build a list, but   
still a little unclear about what I was going to do with my list.   
My plan was to create a give-away product but make it as good as   
possible - with a really good e-cover and very good content so it   
is good value and not just a nothing give-away product or report.

Well I created three video courses and gave them away for free in   
the Warrior Forum, as well as other places on the Internet. It   
wasn't long before I had a list of 600 people. But I still didn't   
know what to do with  my list.

I bumped into Martin again at Frank Garon's workshop in July and   
saw him presenting on stage where he was showcasing his latest   
product - a newsletter pack which contained  templates  for   
creating newsletters. All you had to do was insert your own   
message at the top of the Newsletter  and the rest was already   
written for you.

I purchased Martin's package of newsletter templates and Martin   
gave me some tips on how I should write my newsletters plus   
advice on speeding up my list building. I started sending out my   
newsletters weekly and quickly started to get sales each time I   
sent an e-mail out.   
(Thank you to all of you who have purchased anything from me !)

Martin has now just released a full training course that shows   
you everything you need to know about making an income from list   
building and writing newsletters. The course comprises of 10   
detailed videos explaining exactly how to build your list and how   
to write your newsletters. I've watched the videos several times   
now and still seem to learn things every time I watch them. I   
would highly recommend them if would like to make a long-term   
income the easy way !!

I have to say that out of all the different Internet marketing   
projects I have undertaken newsletters is by far the easiest -   
and that's coming from somebody who is dyslexic !!

I have had a chat with Martin and just for you readers he is   
offering his Newsletter product at a $50 discount.   
Just enter the Coupon Code starr50  into the coupon box on the   
sales page.