Video Marketing Interview With Jules Watkins

On Friday I met up with my good friend Jules to interview him about video marketing, Jules is a producer – director for a lot of TV shows here in the UK such as Pimp My Ride, Don’t Tell The Bride, and The Biggest Loser.

Now the interesting thing is Jules uses his iPhone to make Internet marketing videos and gets some absolutely incredible results.

This was actually quite a tricky interview to film, I was interviewing Jules at the Renaissance Hotel near Heathrow airport, halfway through the interview there was a power cut, and the hotel lost power for much of the afternoon. Anyway eventually we managed to find a room which had power and we were able to re-film the interview.




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Sarah Staar Interviews Simon Coulson

I left home yesterday morning at 9 AM and set off in my car to drive to Simon 
Coulson's house because he’d agreed to do a video nterview with me.

I’ve known Simon Coulson for about two or three years now and he’s one 
of the most successful Internet marketers I know.
Simon has made over $15 million online so he knows a thing or two 
about Internet marketing.Oh and by the way that $15 million he made 
was not selling Internet marketing  products……
Anyway I spent a couple of hours with Simon and asked some 
interesting questions and got some very interesting answers.


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Interview With Martin Avis

In 2009 I attended a live Internet marketing conference and I bumped
into somebody called Martin Avis, he seemed like a very down-to-earth
person so I bought his product.

I very quickly started to make money from Martin's product and I've
never looked back. Last Tuesday I went round to Martin Avis's house
and filmed a one-hour interview with him.

In the interview Martin explained exactly how he makes a full-time
living from home working only one or two hours a week, he also
explains exactly what he would do if he was starting again today
from scratch.


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