Only 7 Days till The Next London Meetup

Next Monday I will be hosting the next London Meetup and the speaker will be my good friend Karen Warren. Karen is “just” a real practical hands on Facebook practitioner – like me, a person who really does have lots of practical experience and knowledge and definitely does not use rubbishy spam strategies (unlike others I wont mention!).

She will be doing a one-hour live session all about Facebook and giving real workable tips and strategies that won’t get your account banned !

As ever I will be there to answer peoples questions in person and to give you whatever hints and tips i can pass on about your business.

Remember this is not a pitch fest, you wont be sold to, so bring your notepad for karens session and your business cards for networking !

Last time I got chatting to someone and now I am making an extra few $$$$ a day, so if it works for me……..








talk soon




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