Newsletter – The White Screen Of Death

I was eating my breakfast this morning watching the news which was all about the terrible flooding that is taking place right now in the UK.

After breakfast I strolled down to my office and switched on my computer monitors and to my horror I noticed that one of my WordPress websites was not working.

When I went to the domain name all I got was a white screen ! I could not even login to the WP admin section!

What do you do when you have a problem like this? In the past I have hired an outsourcer to fix problems like this, but that takes time – like several days, and sometimes you need a problem fixed like now!

So after much searching on Google I finally found the answer, and guess what ? I managed to fix the problem myself within half an hour.

The problem was down to a conflict with a plug-in called “Tabbed Login Widget”, I managed to disable this plug-in and now my site is working fine.

Being able to repair your own WordPress site is a very good skill to have. So below is a link to the article which I found on Google all about how to repair the white screen of death…

GoTo The Article >>>

I recommend that you will bookmark this page as you may need it one day.


Government Agencies and Websites

These days everything seems to be moving online which is a good thing but sometimes it can also be a bad thing. Take my new car for example. The week I purchased my new Range Rover was the week that the DVLA  (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) decided to close down all its local branches and move everything online.

Of course the government website was not up and running properly yet and was full of all sorts of bugs. So there I was standing in the showroom after handing over almost £40,000 and the dealer was telling me that I was not allowed to take my car away because it was not taxed and insured yet!!

Basically there was a problem with the DVLA website and the dealer was not able to register any new cars as the DVLA website was down.

So after getting myself ready to drive my new car away I had to go back home empty-handed. Later that day I did finally get a phone call from the dealer telling me that my car was ready but apparently there were loads of angry people at the dealership  who could not drive their new cars away!!

The same thing has now happened with my new personalised number plates. It used to be that when you purchase a new car if you had a new personalised number plate the dealer could just pop across the road to the local DVLA office and get all the paperwork sorted out there and then.

Now that everything has to be done online all the paperwork has to be posted out, signed then posted back, then your new paperwork is posted out again……

It’s been three weeks now and I still don’t have my personalised number plates!!!!

Sorry for the rant but something these things really annoy me…..

So the move online has actually slowed things up and made things harder , not easier – you would think that someone would have sat down and thought that one through.


Free Sidebar Widget Plugin

I found this really cool WordPress plug-in the other day, and the best
thing is…… it’s free !

Whenever I have a problem with a website, in other words I want to do something that it can’t actually do, I just Google it and put on the end of my search query WordPress plug-in.

The problem I had was I wanted to be able to display banners in the sidebar of my blog. That’s all fine, however I wanted to be able to control which pages certain banners were displayed on.

So I Googled the problem and found an amazing free plug-in called, Widget Context

Widget Context gives you control over any sidebar widget giving you control over which pages or categories the widget will be shown on.

A great little free plug-in which I highly recommend.


Kindle Webinar Replay

Just a quick reminder that The Kindle Cash Flow webinar replay will be taken down this Sunday if you haven’t had a chance to view it now is your chance.

GoTo The Replay Now >>>

If you’re looking for a second income stream or just a really easy way to make some quick cash I can highly recommend you view this webinar.


The Cookie Monster

Next week look out for a new software product which I’m releasing to the public for the first time called Cookie Monster…. you’ve never seen anything like this before.


Talk soon,

Sarah Staar



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