My Wedding Sale


Coupon code:  wedding


This sale is running between 4th January – 11th January 2013


23 Responses to My Wedding Sale

  • Really enjoy your training videos Sarah, and always recommend them to colleagues.
    Congratulations on your wedding day – what a beautiful hotel the Savoy is !
    Have a great great year ahead.

  • Well done Sarah and Dave.

    Hope you have a truly wonderful day.

    Look forward to seeing the pictures/video

    Kind regards


  • Hi Sarah

    Thanks for this tremendous offer, I hope your wedding day is also such good value!

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy wedded bliss:-) for many years to come.

    I haven’t been able to think of a New Years resolution I can keep, but you have given it to me with the Income Blueprint Workshop, half price offer I have just purchased. So I now need to watch it and act, I know that I just have to do it.

    Thank you for helping me start my year right and I look forward to seeing pictures of the “Blushing Bride” soon and the “Groovy Groom” too of course!

    Best regards


  • Congratulations Sarah and Dave.

    I’m sure you will both be very happy!
    Always enjoy your quality programs, have a great day!


    Dave Duncan

  • Congratulations Sarah and Dave – Wishing you every happiness.


  • Hi – you look great – congrats.

  • Hi Sarah
    all the best!!

  • Hope you had a wonderful day Sarah, and continue to go from strength to strength!

    Rosie x

  • Hi Sarah,

    Congratulations!!! Through all of your courses and videos i feel like i know you 🙂 I am so happy for you… Ih ope you guys have an awesome life together…

  • Congrats Sarah!

    I got the Income Blueprint a month or so ago but bought the AdSense training just now. I paid full price for access to the videos AND to attend the workshop in June (but unfortunately was ill at the time and couldn’t go) and I still consider that the Income Blueprint training is excellent value for money, and would advise anyone to snatch it at this price.

    Sarah, thank you so much for not falling into the same BS category as most of your colleagues in IM business seem to; for me, there are only two people in this business I have time for and you are one of them!

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