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  • Sarah, you are gorgeous!

  • Nice to see a real opinion, many well known Gurus seem as though they would promote anything if there was a buck in it for them. I know I am very wary if not put off by many known peoples promotions that seem so hollow now.

    So keep up the good work it is a breath of fresh air

  • I welcome an honest opinion, and reasons behind it. Thanks John, P S you have a real fan in Lior!

  • I have a slew of “crappy” make money online product offeres emailed recently, and I am glad to see somebody (Sarah) taking a stand with an honest opinion. I have returned an email to everybody that promoted these ‘products’ informing them of my view of the fact that I am removing myself from their list.
    It has also inspired me to do my own video reviews on this subject.
    THanks Sarah

  • Sarah,

    Another GREAT and informative video!

    Thanks so much for sharing all of your experience and knowledge with us.

    You Rock!

  • Dear Sarah,

    I think it was Mark Dulisse from Canada who wrote a post about the same templates offering for 37 $ the same sh*t every now and then. It is the same format, which is used for this product and I automatically avoid them.

    With kind regards,

  • Many thanks for this info, Sarah. Also, you must be a mind-reader … marketing via articles was the next thing on my list to learn about.

  • FINALLY! You just saved me $39! I guessed it had to be either Forum Signature Linking or Article Marketing. So much crap out there. You just got a new follower to your blog!

  • So incredibly useful, what a great tip to rev up article marketing which I just crash coursed last week so I feel very lucky with the timing of this! Makes way more sense to put some of the energy into SEO’ing the articles already out there then panicking and writing more and more, then?! Love how clearly you explain things and that you are so honest. I keep referring people to your site as a place for down to earth info that even a beginner can “get”. Dreya B.

  • Touche! Nice job. I fully endorse your exposing the impostors, the purveyors of false scarcity, the sellers of re-branded mediocre products – in this case internet marketing products – that do not deliver on their claims. And, do they really believe their own “schlock” in their video sales pitches/letters? Maybe. Remember Jon Lovitz who played the liar on Saturday Night Live? Any chance some of these pitch-meisters are undiagnosed Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disordered people? People like that have no empathy for others – except manufactured empathy to extract just what they want from their marks …. not even realizing they are exaggerating or lying … or whatever it is that characterizes their award-winning??? performances.

  • Thanks love to hear honest reveiws on the latest batch of crap thats doing the rounds. Have been burned myself by buying said products (thank goodness there is a refund policy in place) although I hate to be thought of as a serial refunder sometimes have no choice. Anyway thanks again and keep the good stuff coming


  • Had a look at your video on Warrior – it looks like a glorified keyword search tool like micro niche finder but without its functionality.

    The trouble is with this type of thing is the required interface with the likes of Google who can change their tooling as they see fit.

    One thing I have picked up from SEO ing with articles is that you shouldn’t really have more than 10 articles per article directory pointing at a whole site, so those who fire 100s for spun articles out there for their backlinks are wasting their time.

    Better to submit a few and mix it with blog commenting, video, directory submissions, social news, bookmark sites so there are a variety of links so your site looks natural.

  • Hi, Yeah, Thanks, These promoters must be Sociopathic if you ask me, And I did find a Video on the hot article spy site on how to actually FRICKIN Use the thing! Lol. Which The new clickbank promoter/ re-brander did not bother to include, just some crappy manual that does’nt put it into terms one can understand, I hope he gets Refund city up his @$$, He deserves it, I mean what did he expect the success rate to be with this crap, especially if you dont explaine, or give so much as ONE Live example on how to use it! With that said the Original Software as a reasearch tool is not bad, but should’nt be marketed as a 100,00 a Month System! Thes Guys have no shame.

  • Sarah – as usual great information, very helpful.

  • Hi Sarah

    You can do a direct link to an affiliate site with Ezine but it must be the topline URL as in, it can’t be


  • Top video Sarah – really makes you think!


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