Interview with Gavin McCoy Udemy Profit Pump

Last night we had a really good session at the London Meet Up on product creation, and one of the
panellists was a good friend Gavin MicCoy.
Gavin has built a hugely profitable business, but he started with one simple idea just a few years
ago, he wrote a book and then developed a series of products based on his wife’s experiences
with hip replacement !! yes it was that simple….
From there he has grown into other niches and now uses a variety of techniques to sell
information products.
After the Meet Up was finished I sat down with Gavin and we did a short video interview
on one of his strategies that has proven really successful.
Gavin is a really interesting guy, knows an awful lot, and is living proff that you can
make money from a simple product.




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3 Responses to Interview with Gavin McCoy Udemy Profit Pump

  • I think what matter is this…
    Is Udemy a useful site to offer content there?
    Can I make money from it?
    Are other people making reasonable or great money there for the investment in time they put in?
    Gavin says it is and he has worked out over the last year or so the best way to use this site so you’re more successful there.
    He suggests in the above video that if, say, you have knowledge in more than one area, it is advantageous to create different personas at Udemy. I can see that there’s sense in that.
    I am happy to hear more of what Gavin has to say about Udemy on the webinar, so I’ve signed up and will be attending on Thursday night.

  • Hooray!

    A webinar that caters for uk time. Thanks Sarah. So many webinars take place US time and I am in bed by then.

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