How to make Money with Adsense without a website

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  • Thank you Sarah for another informative video. You consistently give the best information without trying to sell anything and that is so greatly appreciated by a newbie like me that’s still trying to learn all the ins and outs of internet marketing. I look forward to tomorrow’s video.

  • It is unfortunate that Google has to be so suspicious about new websites there must be better ways to find the good sites from spam ones the. I have had a site for well over 6 months now and still cannot find where it is ranked.

    Kenneth c Young

  • Sarah, Great tips with the Adsense article! I just want to thankyou for all that you do…you are so easy to listen too and follow along with for a newbie like me that makes a huge difference! You are the best and keep up the great vidoes please!

  • Hi Sarah

    Short and sweet. I was wondering if we can also put our site’s link in these articles so that we can build backlinks to our site. It’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone …

  • More great advice here Sarah. If you had a newish website on the same topic would you not also be able to use these articles to drive traffic to your site using links in the articles? Perhaps some visitors would then click on the Adsense ads on your site where you get 100% of the revenue from Google or they might even buy items you are promoting.

  • WOW! You did it again. You’ve taken something that is in the back of our minds for most of us and gave it some light. It so easy so why not do it. Thank You. Maria Mekus

  • Nice Video again Sarah keep them coming ,i always look forward to your e-mails Kindest Regards Billy

  • hi,

    all i can i say is wow!!!! great video. really sarah, i like the way you help newbies to make money online. thanks a lot

    thanks and regards


  • Hi..Sarah

    Nice info and it is new for me.Thanks a lot.


  • Hello,

    Great content, as a newbie could you explain what you main with
    “get the url of the published page and get as much backlinks”
    What is the action here?

    KInd regards,

  • I didn’t understand everything you said on watching the video the first time but I will watch again. It seems worth following up.

  • What an eye opener – highly valuable content, which I was not aware of. Many thanks.

  • I have never heard of this site before. I have been using Adsense for a few years now but, it is always good to add another income stream.


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