How To make a quick $1000 with WSO’s

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  • Hi Sarah – Thanks for this video – it is very informative. Am I right in assuming that you have to have posted a certain number of times and have to be a war room member to sell WSOs??

  • Janet, your assumptions are correct: from the Warrior Forum Rules Page: “Become a contributing member here before trying to post a WSO. People with zero posts on the main board don’t get approved for a WSO.”

    Sarah, another great video chock full of chewy goodness! Thanks for taking the time to give us some guidance. It caused me to remember a situation that others may want to be made aware of, and that is, when buying a WSO you want to keep in mind that some of the “Gurus” try to help each other out from time to time. Granted, there’s no law against this, but just know that some of the reviews may not be from folks that have actually bought the product (which is against the rules of the Forum, but really … it might be tough to prove).

    I’ve seen it happen with a mediocre product that got rave reviews. I recognized several names of Marketers that I also follow and know that they have all presented together (on webinars or live on stage) at one time or another. And if I’m honest, I still may not have realized what was going on, but another Marketer “called them out on it”, saying that he was going to wait for more folks, than just this guy’s friends, to weigh in.

    For the most part though, I too have found some of the best deals in The Warrior Forum and it’s a great place to get and float ideas, or ask questions. Thanks again, Sarah – GREAT job!

  • hi sarah,

    thanks for the great video, i’ve never think of that before. i also want to launch some wso and i have quite good plr stuff. but, the problem is that i always confused about the usage rights like resell rights, master resale rights and private lable rights. please help me sarah.

    thanks and regards

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