How To Get Free Buyer Traffic

When most people try to get traffic to their website they think SEO.
Let me tell you 95% of my traffic does not come from Google.
What I do is find out where all the buyer traffic in my market is and then
I steal this traffic. The best parties is this doesn't cost me a dime it's
free traffic....
Today I have made a video showing you exactly how I implement this strategy.
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17 Responses to How To Get Free Buyer Traffic

  • Hi Sarah,
    Pure gold there Sarah, thankyou. So many marketers tell us half the story, expecting us to buy some crappy ebook for the rest of the information.

    So, now it is to the forums, with a softly softly, content rich, approach,


  • Thanks Sarah this was a great post thanks for all your great nuggets you share with us keep up the good work!!

  • This is another great revealing video from you Sarah! Simple and cost effective way to get qualified BUYER (and not leader) traffic – without seo predators… 🙂

    You just have to be creative and find a connection for what reason is it profitable to buy your affiliate product. Like an up-sell: if you bought this shoes may it is worth to buy this shoe brush. I like your creativity Sarah! 🙂

    But do you have any requirements to meet with forums? How to decide whether it is paying to get into a certain forum or not? It is just a sunk cost (a special kind of market research cost) if you buy membership without any affiliate sale?

  • Hi Sarah,

    I’m on so many lists that I don’t remember how I got on your list. But, it is the quality of the content such as in this video that ‘forces’ me to open most of your emails and not unsubscribe from your list.

    Great content in this video!

  • Very illustrative video Sarah and you are always straight to the point. Would share this tips with list and sure they would love it.

    Thanks Sarah

    Great Video indeed

  • Hey Sarah – Nice video. I think the key, which you mentioned, is that marketing is so much more effective like this when you bring alot of value first. Bring the value, then market.


  • Great video Sarah. Never thought about the forum angle. You have taken forum marketing and taken it to the next level. I am so impressed I am subscribing to your blog right now!

  • Sarah, This was very very helpful. I am going to implement this technique, I am also interested in traffic which converts.. not about quantity but quality traffic.

  • Thanks for the information and together we can do more to help more people succeed in this Industry

  • Great video Sarah I love all your YouTube videos about traffic I myself get great traffic and thinking about doing videos as well..Thanks again for your knowledge.

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