How To Find A Profitable Niche

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  • Pets are a huge market.

    My close friend spent a lot of money on his dog.

    He spent money on gathering community membership and best dog food
    every week.

    CB engine search result is more comprehensive than CB where the statistic is very well layout and easy to understand.

  • Carl you earn 75% of any sales made! So 75% of 100 would be 75 would’nt it?


  • Typically clickbank products payout between 50% – 75%

    however there are some affiliate networks like RapBank where you can get paid as much as 100%.

    There are some CPA offers that will pay out as much as 200- 300% !!

  • Thanks for this video Sarah. Good stuff. I just looked at CB Engine and it’s now $39.97 per year. If someone is working with Clickbank products a lot though it could be money well spent.

    I agree completely with starting only one niche at a time. I started 15 and it wasn’t long before I was completely overwhelmed and as a result none of them went anywhere for a long time. Some are now beginning to rank on page one of Google finally.. but it took a very long time to do it that way.
    Dr. John

  • Thanks Sarah that was a really helpful video, I have a CB affiliate accaount and do find it a bit slow, also not a lot of information related to the search.
    Can we have a video next on best places to place your link when you have got it. I have done a couple but nothing and this was on my blog and twitter.
    Thanks again

  • thanks sarah, i did enjoy the information you give”

  • Hi Sarah

    Great information as always. Could you explain what a re-view site is exactly and how to get one set up. I will set to and find some good products to promote but need to know how to set up a re-view site. Maybe in your next mini training ?? Look forward to hearing from you Rosemary

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