How To build a $5000 a month Affiliate business with Safe Swaps


Safe Swaps

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  • Nice video, thanks. Keep them coming.

  • Many gurus teach what to do and not how to do it, but Sarah does both; openly and as completely as possible. I definitely have to act on what I have learnt…Thank you Sarah

  • This is such a great insight Sarah! I have never heard of safe swaps before, and I just wanted to say that I love your everyday tips. Can’t wait to get the next one tomorrow. You’re not holding anything back, aren’t you? Thanks for your honesty!

  • Thanks again Sarah for more great information. I’ve been wondering about the whole Safe-swap thing and it’s nice to understand how it works a bit more. Keep those great videos coming!!

  • Wow, Sarah. I hope my honesty doesn’t offend you. So here it goes. Of every email or offer you send my way, what I look forward to the most and truly value is what you put together yourself; everything else false in the 50% bracket. Thank you again and again and again. I’ve actually made this weeks video series one of the first things I do before I start hammering away at my new internet venture. Please don’t stop. I’ll soon be joining you regular paid subscription.

  • Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the great video. I never thought about the Safe-Swaps site as a source for doing solo ads. Do you use them for Ad Swapping much also, or just mainly for finding solo ads?


    Bruce Arnold

  • As per your article on how to build A $5,000.00 affiliate business by building your own database when selling someone’s product however aren’t we affiliates still building a database for the owner and he we will be competing against us for that customer business that is my database?.

    Kenneth c Young

  • This really was an awesome post. Thanks.

  • Thanks Sarah – you make it sound so easy

  • Dear Sarah,

    Thank you for the very informatimative video!

    I am looking forward to see more information like this! Very clear and straight to the point.



  • Hi Sarah, I find your videos very refreshing and honest. I am going to book mark your site for future deals.

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  • I’m a total dunce about the mechanics of setting up these squeeze pages, email capture boxes, and the entire system for getting and building email lists. Where can I learn how to do this?

  • Hi,
    I was meaning to say this a long time ago. I would like to personally thanks Sarah. I recall buying one of her products a while back which basically made me look at affiliate marketing at another angle. Because of that, I am now starting to make money online and hope improve. Thanks Sarah, I am your fan from down under Australia. PS. Can you come over to Australia to host a seminar, I would definitely buy the ticket!

  • Hello Sarah, this is definitely great stuff. Thank you so much. Can you recommend an alternative source for buying solo ads, apart of safe-swaps and WF?

  • I love this Sarah, thank you for showing this method as I know it really does work. I love your review videos they are always informative. I hope my blog can add as much value to people looking to replace their day job.

    To your ongoing success


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