How My Friend Rob Makes £10,000 A Month


My friend Rob is Making over £10,000 a month !! Find out how…..


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Some photos from my $200 a day workshop

Some Photos From The London Meetup






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5 Responses to How My Friend Rob Makes £10,000 A Month

  • Hi Sarah,

    Your new video in the car seemed to work pretty well!

    I’m unable to come across the pond for the meetup but am really looking forward to getting the recording!


  • Hi
    Thanks for all the advice, sometimes it seems all I do is read what I am being sent, and don’t have time to actually do anything constructive. I think I should ‘unsubscribe’ form a lot of the junk which comes my way and just pay attention to the good stuff, like yours

  • That was a nice video Sara. You do well driving and talking. I’ll be looking forward to the video on the site, I’m in the states now but don;t think I’ll make it over in time for the meetup.

    Keep up the good work


  • Liked the driving video. Pretty Cool. Live in the states, looking forward to video with Rob.

    Thanks, Ron

  • Hey, Sarah Starr, you are a star indeed….am blew away and cannot resist saying you’re a star and congratulation for doing exactly what you love most with great passion……this is one of the reason I have stayed subscribed to your list……just keep the fire burnning…..I love you….

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