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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Your new video in the car seemed to work pretty well!

    I’m unable to come across the pond for the meetup but am really looking forward to getting the recording!


  2. Hi
    Thanks for all the advice, sometimes it seems all I do is read what I am being sent, and don’t have time to actually do anything constructive. I think I should ‘unsubscribe’ form a lot of the junk which comes my way and just pay attention to the good stuff, like yours

  3. That was a nice video Sara. You do well driving and talking. I’ll be looking forward to the video on the site, I’m in the states now but don;t think I’ll make it over in time for the meetup.

    Keep up the good work


  4. Liked the driving video. Pretty Cool. Live in the states, looking forward to video with Rob.

    Thanks, Ron

  5. Hey, Sarah Starr, you are a star indeed….am blew away and cannot resist saying you’re a star and congratulation for doing exactly what you love most with great passion……this is one of the reason I have stayed subscribed to your list……just keep the fire burnning…..I love you….

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