How i use the Google keyword planner tool

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  • Very useful video. I was a frequent user of the old Keyword Tool, and, though I didn’t make a conscious decision to avoid using the new keyword planner when it arrived, I find I’ve hardly used it at all since then. Probably an unconscious aversion to using it, based on the thought of having to learn all over again. Your video snapped me out of that, and I’m a believer once again. Thanks Sarah.

  • Thanks for solving the riddle on how to get results out of this new fangled thing!

    Back to normal..

  • Thanks for showing how its done.

    I had nearly given up on the new version.

  • Thank you Sarah, I too was quite confused with the changes, much appreciated.

  • Thanks for the video Sarah, I’ve been very reluctant to use this since it was changed but now can’t wait to get going again!

  • Sarah this video has been helpful. I had no idea keywords defaulted to exact match.

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