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Hi, Sarah Staar speaking here. Now when I first started doing affiliate marketing in 2008, I was purchasing all sorts of products and getting very, very confused very, very quickly.

But back then in 2008, there were three products which I purchased that kind of really were the turning point for me.

One of those products was from a marketer called Andrew Hansen and he just released his quite groundbreaking ebook called Niche Marketing on Crack. I actually still have the printout of the book here which I printed out.

It’s about a 60-page book and it cost me about $100 back in 2008 and I actually purchased this book back then, printed it out, started implementing the material in this book and very quickly started to make money from it. It was one of the few kind of courses which I purchased that actually worked.

Now the interesting thing is Andrew very rarely releases courses. He’s one of these people that just have a system that works and he only releases stuff when it basically needs to be updated.


But like I said, that’s an ebook but the interesting thing is Andrew very recently – I think last week actually – released a course called Forever Affiliate which is kind of like an update to Niche Marketing on Crack, exactly the same system. But just brought up to date for 2012 and the great thing is it’s not an ebook. It’s actually a video course and I have to say this video course is incredibly comprehensive.

I actually purchased this course last week and I’ve been going through it last weekend and all this week and it’s absolutely incredible. The material which he gives away in this course is absolutely groundbreaking. The best part is a lot of the material is the same as the book but the big difference is, is that everything has been brought up to date for the kind of post-2012 Google update.

So there has been all these kinds of Google updates and a lot of kind of scaremongering regarding search engine optimization and getting websites ranked in Google and Andrew basically has cut through all of that and shows exactly what’s working today.

He’s showing examples of sites which he’s working on right now and he has shown exactly what works. This is a fantastic course. If you want to make money in affiliate marketing and get a real understanding of how affiliate marketing works, this is definitely the course for you.

I know it’s the course for you. I know this stuff works because these are some of the techniques and principles which I use in my business and like I said, this is some of the same material that I use when I first got started online.

But like I said, I purchased the course already so I want to quickly just show you around the member’s area just to kind of show you some of the material that you’re going to get when you get your hands on a copy of this course.

So let me quickly show you the member’s area. OK. I’ve just logged into the Forever Affiliate website. You just pay a one-time fee and then you get lifetime access to all the videos and transcripts within this website.

Now Andrew split the site up very, very well. I just want to quickly run through exactly what you’re going to get. This is kind of like the welcome page when you first log into the site and you get a message here from Andrew and it kind of runs through how the website works and everything that you need to do. It also gives you access to the bonus material on this page.

Now the interesting thing is when you first log in, you should really go here, this [0:03:22] [Indiscernible] tab because on this page, Andrew goes through everything that has happened in 2012 with regards to Google. Google changed a lot of things with regards to ranking websites and in particular affiliate websites.

There has been a lot of myths going around and a lot of people I would say talking a load of rubbish really about affiliate review sites and what is and isn’t working. And Andrew really does set the record straight here.

So when you log into this site, go and look at these three videos here. They’re three 20-minute videos which give a complete overview of Andrew’s complete system and he goes through step by step in these videos exactly how his system is working and then more importantly how it’s working in 2013 and why it works. So go and have a look at these three videos. It’s the complete strategy if you like.

But after that, he then splits the whole course up into three kind of primary phases. So for instance, phase one is all about research. Get a welcome video there from Andrew and then each one of these is a separate video. So there’s huge amount of videos as you can see. Each section here is a separate video and these videos aren’t short videos. They’re quite long videos so he’s giving away huge amounts of videos.

So if we go to the first video here, this is – let’s just play a bit here. Let it load. This is an 11-minute video. There are some 20-minute videos. There are some 30-minute videos and the best thing is each video has a transcript.

So you can see here there’s a PDF transcript. So you can download all these transcripts. Print them out. Put them into a binder. I would recommend you get one of those binders which have dividers so you can print out the transcripts. Put a divider in and then you can kind of mark off which section of the course it is.

Then when you actually start implementing it, you can write your notes in the margin and that’s exactly what I did when I first started using Andrew’s course back in 2008.

So that’s Forever Affiliate. I highly recommend it. There’s a huge amount of material there to go through but I know this stuff works because I personally implemented it myself.

So that’s Andrew Hansen’s Forever Affiliate. I highly recommend this course. It’s one of the best quality affiliate marketing courses that I’ve seen online today and I don’t often say that about courses. There are very few people in this industry who can deliver video courses of this kind of quality.

If you’re going to buy one course this year, this is the course you need to buy. I know these strategies work because I’ve used them personally in my business and Andrew like I said is one of the people that originally taught me affiliate marketing and I know his strategies work.

The assortment of videos you get within the member’s area is huge and there’s everything there you need to literally take you through step by step the entire process of making money online and making money as a successful affiliate. So go and check it out. I highly recommend this course. Click on the link below this video. That will take you through to the sales page.

What I want you to do on that sales page, scroll to the bottom of the sales page and purchase this course. You will be really satisfied if you purchase this course. It has even got a 60-day guarantee.

If you don’t like the course, you can get a refund. But I know you won’t get a refund because the videos in this course are such high quality and the content is so good.

Once you’ve purchased this course and you’ve gone through some of the videos, come back to this page and comment below this video.


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  • Is this course for a complete beginner just starting out in affiliate marketing? If not, can you recommend a trusted courde?

  • Are the techniques in this course applicable to the German Market as well, or is it specifically laid out for the English market?

  • Hi Sarah
    I’m just taking the forever affiliate course by Andrew Hansen. I must say this is the best course I have ever bought.
    I am not making money yet but I now know I will!…..its awesome!

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