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The address and phone number for the COMPANY is:
Sarah Staar Business School, Inc.
PO Box 80267
Las Vegas NV 89180

702 605 4355 (Las Vegas Number)


If you have any questions please visit my support centre at or send an email to

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  1. Hello Sarah
    I was turned on to your success by people over at the warrior forum! It looks as though things are going great for you and I hope to follow on the coattails of the pros:) I am new to IM and the $100/ day challenge is what I am looking for. I know that you are being overwhelmed by emails so I will keep this short. I have a question to ask you from your professional standpoint.

    I have 50 hours/week I can dedicate to IM and around $3,000USD to start this business. Knowing what you know now if you were beginning again what steps would you take in order to build a strong base for your internet empire? 🙂 (I am a big fan of outsourcing and would like to have this included as part of my plan.)

    Thanks for being so willing to share your success!


  2. Hi sarah-is the mentoring programme still available?
    What are the timings of the course/webinars and of course the costs.

  3. i put this same question in another section of your site,but i wanted to know if the backlink booster and jumpstart youtube programs were still working as advertised for you? meaning are you still using them?

  4. Hi Sarah, have you stopped using Brute Force now then, and with SERPAssist, can you still use Sean Donohoe’s boost it button, which is a good feature of using Brute Force?

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Under your ‘Business Card Offer’ I signed up for the free videos in respect of clickbank cash and youtubeloophole but have not received the download links.

    can you please send me the necessary links.


  6. Thanks for your awesome video on YOUTUBE LOOPHOLES, pls kindly send me that for CLICKBANK CASH

  7. Hello Sarah, greetings from Texas, USA. A few weeks ago you put out a video talking about pluginbuddy and a program that you got from them describing how it made building multiple sites of a wordpress blog and how you could get the plugins set up as a template too speed things up…Am I making sense? Do you rember the video? I thought that I had saved it but I guess not. Anyway if you have a chance could you send me a link or maybe repost it somewhere on your site. Thanks Love, Best regards, or should I say cheers! Robert

  8. Hi Sarah

    Congratulations on your presentation this afternoon at Kelvins event, it was such a shame that you had to cut it short, the result, no doubt of other speakers going on for too long, one of the most annoying aspects of these events, in my opinion.
    But I thoroughly enjoyed your pitch, concise, factual, informative and well presented and I’m sure that all the other attendees were of the same opinion too.

    I’ve just tried to download the slides, but received an error message telling me that the page didnt exist, am I correct in thinking that you have’nt yet uploaded them to the server?

    Looking forward to chatting soon


  9. Hi Sarah
    Thanks for your videos – just wondering – I saw one recently about setting up a blog on blogger and using to get affiliate products etc – and I can’t find it right now but wanted to see it again. Do you know which one I mean? If you could email me or post it here I would be v grateful!

  10. I have tried to contact you on two addresses provided and they have both been rejected as “not known”. Please give me an email address that works as I want to claim my purchase bonuses in respect of Facebook Hyper Traffic. For the record the Clickbank receipt is YVL7EP53.

    John Martin

  11. Howdy Sarah

    You have great content, thank you. I’ve really enjoy your down to earth approach.
    I especially liked the interview about local marketing, (job) freedom it is just a few businesses away for most people, myself included.

    Thanks again,


  12. Hi
    I wondered when the dvd of the workshop will be sent out and I believe you said we would be able to download it as well.
    We are getting a great drop in alexa ranking with your $100 a day techniques, just looking forward to it translating as money and traffic too.

  13. Hallo,

    Just finished watching some of your videos! Fantastic! Thank Goodness. I love the advice on small steps and goals to build up confidence and consistency. Definately going to follow your advice. By the way – what is your take on the changes Google has made and what difference does that make to approaching affiliate marketing. Would love to know your view.

  14. Sarah – Have you seen this? I got it from Mo Latif who seems to endorse everything! Its got a 60 day money back guarantee but though maybe you could do a review on it like you did for Crazy ClickBank Cash. I’m guessing its crap!

  15. Hello Sarah,

    I have been following you for a few months now. I wanted to join the EPN network.

    You mentioned in one of your videos and even carried a banner ad that mentioned you paid someone or group to build your website that was approved.

    Can you tell me who that was.

    Pls Advise

    Wayne Buckman

  16. Hi Sarah, I am one of your subscribers, a while ago you made a video on wordpress security plugins and I uploaded the ones you suggested
    Firstly, I will say thankyou for this video as I have just had one of my wordpress sites attacked and the security pluginns that you advised me to use have saved my site and blocked all the attacks, 7 in number
    Thanyou for you great content, long may it continue
    May I say to anyone else using wordpress that theses plugins are indesspensible and they work
    The plugins are as follows

    Limit login attempts
    Secure wordpress
    Wordpress firewall

    Much regrds


  17. I just wanted to give you some feedback on one of your products called, affiliate training day, which I purchased a while ago and have only just got round to looking at.
    What a superb course, full of great content, I am enjoying this so much its the best product I have brought from you, thank you so much for making this it has helped me understand many aspects of marketing
    Best value course I have ever owned

    With Much regards


  18. hi sarah i recently purchased the you tube video hi jack but i have deleted the e mail by accident now i cannot log in with the page can you send me it a gain please thank you keep up the good work

  19. Hi Sarah,

    purchased your 2 Day Video Marketing Workshop product which was excellent advice and answered many questions You mentioned something in video about guy taking through recording video on Iphone i am particularly interested in audio set and mike used as getting mixed messages on big G Any appreciated kind regards and thanks for your honest and practacle advice take care 🙂 Simon

  20. Hi Sarah
    I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channels and found the one on Office Autopilot very informative

    Please can you tell me whether they let you use the postcards her in the UK or is it just a US service



  21. Hi Sarah

    A while ago you sent a email about all the best affiliate marketing companies

    that pays Great commissions could you sent me that email again.


  22. Hi Sarah, like your approach of teaching IM your tips and knowledge, you look very authentic, also I like to know if you will have the FB Cash webinar replay, I had to leave in the middle of the presentation, and it looks very interested. Looking forward to your response, I really like your business essence, and that it’s tough to find in the IM industry..later!

  23. Hello Sarah,
    Please could you let me know if it will be possible to view again the MIKE BUONTEMPO webinar.Thank you.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year !

  24. Hi Sarah – I was so disappointed to see YouTube Hijack is no longer available- I was just about to buy it! Can you please tell me if this will be offered for sale again?

  25. Hi Sarah, I stumbled across your site and just wanted to say I rally like what you are doing and also wanted to ask you what worpress these are you using for your site. I’m not happy with the one that I’m using and thought I’d just ask.

    I’ve ha d look at some of your clips, very informative and have picked up a few tips and new learning, so will be back from time to time if I get stuck.

    Keep up the good work.


  26. I need help getting back with Adsense. They cut me off unexpectedely, without warning, without any kind of hearing or anything… I made newbie type mistakes to cause this to happen. I did very stupidely did not fully read the policies or understand them… Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated???

    Thank you,

  27. Hi Sarah,

    I just started my affiliate marketing business, and i wanted to know how many niche products should i promote? And also for how long?

    thank you.

  28. Hi Sarah,Could you send me the link to $200 dollars a day,,I see you advertise this course for $12 dollars,,,,

  29. Hello to you Sarah. I am interested in joining your Webinars. Could you list the times we can join your Webinars from Australia. I am sure there are many Australians wanting to know as well.

  30. Hello, i have watched your video on How to get free traffic – page 1 in Google in 3 mins, thank you! And I was wondering if you could answer me. You SAID THAT you post ON WARRIOR FORUM any answer to a first page ranking question there, and by your signature being below it you get traffic how? thank you so much

  31. Hello, Sarah, I did not succeeded to go to the webinar – the time is already over
    15 minutes the time 8 pm gmt .
    – I have visitted France about 10 times. My life work was editor in fashion area and
    France came wellknown to me. I have also studied French in school and once I have
    run Paris marathon.
    – I London I have been also some times and I have run London marathon, too.
    – I Scotland I was at the age 15 years working in a sawmill in Falkirk, it was
    St Melville Sawmill Co in middle Falkirk. And now I want work with you – heikki kivela

  32. Dear Sarah: I enjoyed the webinar last night. Today, I was looking at your team altogether at lunch. That was a goal for me in my business. I wanted to change the lives of the people who worked with our company and the people who worked in our company – growing as our company grew.

    Enjoy your trip. I haven’t fully transitioned to living in Germany and I miss the US very much.

  33. Hi Sarah,

    I love all of your videos. I have been looking for a long time how to advertise 768×90 banners on Youtube. Not on my videos but in general. I cannot seem to find it. I desperately am looking for a solution.

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