White Cats In The Snow

I woke up this morning to a thin blanket of snow here in France. The French countryside is absolutely beautiful when it is covered in snow.

My cats were eager to get out and I wondered what they would think as they’d never seen snow before.

They seemed to all be having terrific fun trying to catch the snowflakes as they fell, and rolling around playing games in the snow.

I hope I don’t get snowed in. Just to make sure, I’ve stocked up on plenty of food and firewood.

It’s kind of weird experiencing snow after the hot Caribbean weather from a couple of weeks ago on the Internet Marketers Cruise.

Earlier in the week I lost my Internet connection for a couple of days.

This was because one of my builders accidentally knocked my satellite broadband dish out of alignment and my broadband Internet connection stopped working.

Now aligning a satellite broadband dish is actually a lot more complex and precise than aligning a satellite television dish.

I did install the dish myself several years ago, but I’d completely forgotten how to align it. I remembered that there was a video on YouTube, a kind of tutorial video, which walked you through how to set it up.

However, I had no Internet connection. So I had to jump in my car, drive into town, download the video from YouTube, then come back home and spend the rest of the afternoon trying to get my dish aligned.

You have to use a laptop, a spanner, and a lot of patience. Basically, the laptop shows you a kind of metre and lets you know when you have peak signal.

This is kind of tricky when it’s pouring with rain and you’re trying to use a laptop outside. But eventually Dave and I managed to get the dish aligned and everything is okay now.

I realised this could happen again, so I put together a one-page checklist of exactly how to align the satellite dish, and I put it in an envelope and taped it to the side of the router.

I’ve also downloaded the YouTube video and put it on a DVD and also put it next to the router.

So, if in a couple of years time if something like this happens again, I’ll have a simple checklist and DVD video which will help get up and running very quickly.

Having systems and checklists in a business is really important.

I love systematising things and putting things into simple checklists, very similar to what pilots do before taking off.

Having a checklist is something that avoids mistakes and ensures consistent results.

Cruise Checklist In fact, when I was on the Internet Marketers Cruise, I came out of my stateroom one day to find a trolley in the corridor with blankets and sheets and a clipboard with a checklist.

On the checklist were photos of how beds should be made up and also photos of how they shouldn’t be made up.

Interesting that even a cruise line uses checklists for its staff.

Whilst I was on the cruise I spoke to several different groups of people who all use checklists and systems.

One afternoon at sea I spent several hours having coffee with a group of four individuals who are all wildly successful on Amazon.

But what was their real secret?

Well, one secret I learned was to use a special software tool, which spies on the competition on Amazon.
This gives you a massive edge over your competition. If you want to see this software tool in action,

Check out this video:-)

I love finding out about cool things like this when I go to networking events.

These sort of things usually turn out to be what makes the difference between making a little bit of money and making huge profits when marketing online.

Oh well, must go now as I’ve got to go and find the cats in the snow.

That might be easier said than done since I own two white cats and it’s snowing. Hmm. I guess I’m going to have to look really hard to find white cats in the snow…

How to use Proxys and VPNs

In this video, I show you how to use proxy servers and VPNs to browse the Internet anonymously.

This can be very useful if you want to watch video content that is restricted in other countries such as the BBC iPlayer.

Proxy servers are also useful for Internet marketers wanting to set up multiple Facebook or Google accounts.

Part 1


Part 2

Speeding at 119 miles per hour

As some of you may know, Dave is a bit of a petrolhead and absolutely loves his white Jaguar.
We quite often get into discussions comparing notes between my Tesla and his Jaguar.

A couple of weeks back, we got onto the subject of top speeds and I asked Dave how fast would his car actually go if we put it on a racetrack, 100 miles an hour, 110, 120.

It’s hard to say. Dave suggested that we go to a racetrack to test out how fast his car would actually go.

I went online and booked a track day at the Goodwood Race Circuit.

A week later, we both turned up at the race circuit.

There was a very interesting mix of people at this event, drivers with regular street cars such as BMWs and Mercedes to the most serious bunch, the people who obviously did this as their full-time hobby.

This consisted either of very fast sports cars such as McLarens or Aerial Atoms or modified Japanese imported cars like the kind of cars you see in the Fast and the Furious films!!

I decided not to be a passenger in the car as this would fill me with horror so I decided to stand on the track side and take photos.

I could see Dave was having great fun and managing to overtake and outmaneuver cars which were much more powerful than his.

Dave at goodwood

On the main straight, Dave managed to get up to 119 miles per hour. Pretty incredible especially since Dave’s car is a diesel.

Here were loads of different cars there ranging from 30 -year-old BMWs to very expensive brand new McLaren sports cars that cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The guys driving the McLarens seemed to be very cautious and were not on the track for very long at all…

I guess they were kind of paranoid about writing their cars off.
Now the guys in the much older cars which they had obviously modified themselves were taking much higher risks and seemed to be having a lot more fun.

racing at goodwood

Sometimes, simple is better

The same thing is true with internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Simple is sometimes best.
There are all sorts of expensive, complicated and glamorous tools you can buy as an internet marketer.

  • Keyword tools
  • Competition analysis tools
  • Building sales funnels
  • Learning loopholes

Sometimes you just need to get back to basics, keep things simple..

  • Find an affiliate product to promote.
  • Send traffic to that product.
  • Make sales.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? 

Well, that’s because it is. These are the strategies I use when I make sales with affiliate marketing.
Would you like me to teach you how to profit from affiliate marketing the simple way?

If you’d like me to teach you how to become a super affiliate and how to profit from affiliate marketing without having to learn all that complicated stuff. Watch this video to find out more 🙂
Must go now.
All the best,

Sarah Staar
By the way:
I’ll upload some photos from the track today to my Facebook page and also to my blog.