The holy grail of Internet marketing

Driving traffic is one of the biggest challenges that Internet marketers face when first starting out, after all there is not much point in having a web-site if people can’t find it or go to it !

The problem that many people have when they first start out though is that there are so many different traffic strategies to choose from :

-Getting your website ranked in Google, the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) route

-Joint-venture traffic, getting other people to promote your products

-Paid traffic (usually through PPC)


And its not always obvious what the best strategy is……..


Search Engine Optimisation “SEO”

Personally I’ve never been a big fan search engine optimisation and when I first started out I spent a whole year trying to get a bunch of my websites ranked in Google.

I had a small amount of success, but basically it didn’t work AND it was very time consuming. I seemed to be spending all my time trying to learn Google’s algorithm when really I should have been focussing my time learning how sell affiliate marketing products.

The thing about SEO is that it constantly changes, so what works today might not work tomorrow and, as we know, Google continuously changes its algorithm.

Now the interesting thing is whenever I go to mastermind meetings and speak to other high-end Internet marketers a lot of them fell into the same trap when they first started out.

Oh yes and guess what, none of them are now using SEO to get traffic to their affiliate offers and sales pages….


Joint-venture traffic.

This is a tactic that a lot of Internet marketers use when launching products. Basically you form a small network of friends who all have email lists and you have an agreement that you all promote each other’s products.

This can be a very powerful strategy and get your products exposed to literally millions of people  very quickly.

However it’s a strategy that I never really liked much. I don’t like being in a position where I’m committed to promoting someone else’s product especially when I’ve not even seen it.

And I think its never a good idea to rely on traffic that is generated by other people.


Paid traffic PPC.

Paid traffic can be expensive, hard to learn and quite frankly scary. However when I mastered PPC that’s when the serious bucks started rolling in.

The thing I like about paid traffic is that you are not relying on other people to promote your product, or hoping that Google won’t change its algorithm etc.

The thing I love about PPC is when you get it right you can spend say $100 dollars on an advert and make two or $300 back.

The thing about paid advertising is that it is instant traffic, I can put an ad up now and be getting traffic within 20 minutes.

I realise that paid traffic may appear to be an advance subject but really it’s the holy grail of Internet marketing.

If you’d like to learn more about paid traffic, reply to this email so I can gauge how many people are interested.

If enough of you are interested I would be quite happy to make some videos, showing some of the tactics which I use with paid traffic.


Tools I use for diagrams and mind maps

Whenever I’m planning a new project, product, or website I love to do diagrams or use a mind map. Below are some tools which I use to create diagrams and mind maps.




Last week saw the builders return to my house in France. Last year they did a huge amount of landscaping built a patio and repointed the entire house.

This year the builders have started inside the house. Their first job was putting in French doors from the kitchen out to the back garden.




There’s a huge amount of work for them to do so I expect they’ll be there all summer and possibly into the winter.



Arrow video

As some of you may know I’m a bit of a movie buff. Dave and I love going out to the cinema and we also love watching movies at home.

Recently I discovered a brand-new film distributor called Arrow video.

Basically what they do is re-master and release all those old B-movies which never normally make it onto Blu-ray.

I find it great fun watching these old B-movies. They also have loads of extras and interviews with the director etc.

Some of the films I recently purchased on blue Ray are,

Foxy Brown

Blow Out

Runaway Train



Hope you have a good weekend, we are meant to be having a mini heat wave in London this weekend so I know I’ll be sitting outside in the sun with my laptop.

Talk soon,