My Second Flying Lesson

Yesterday I drove up to Biggin Hill airport for my second flying lesson.  I had my first flying lesson just before Christmas and found it a bit overwhelming to be honest.

But during my second lesson yesterday I definitely felt a little bit more confident. I made the mistake of having a McDonald’s hamburger half an hour before my flight. The flight was rather bumpy and towards the end of the lesson I was feeling a little bit queezy.

After the lesson my Spanish instructor let me refuel the plane which was kind of interesting, it’s similar to re-fuelling your car just the petrol pumps and hoses are a little bigger….

I’ve got another lesson booked  next week, I’ll keep you informed with my progress.

The London Meetup

Last week’s London meet up was a really big success we had over 120 people in the room and everybody seemed to really enjoy the new venue at London Bridge.

The next London meet up will be on Monday 16 April 6:30 PM.

This month I’ve invited my good friend Karen Warren to the London meetup. Karen will be doing a one-hour live training session all about Facebook and how you can use Facebook in your business to drive traffic to your website.

Karen will also be explaining all the new changes that Facebook are implementing this month and next month and how they will affect your business.

She will be sharing how you can acquire new prospects/clients for under £1 each, the changes that came into place 31st march on facebook that will affect how you can leverage facebook for business, how she filled seminar rooms at business 2012 in O2 and much, much more.

After the training everybody will be able to network with each other till late. Last month some of us were still there at 11.30pm!!

Remember this is NOT A PITCH FEST EVENT!!! just some training  and pure networking…..

To book your place click on the link below.


Amazon Mind Control

Last week I told you about a new Amazon product called “Amazon Mind Control”

This is probably one of the best Amazon products ever purchased, if you’ve ever thought about making money as an Amazon affiliate then this course is for you,

This product is being offered at a stupidly low price and I would highly recommend that you take a look at.

Don’t just take my word for it have a look at some of the feedback that people have left on the forum thread.

“Bought and went through everything and it’s a fantastic amount of actionable information that applies not just to Amazon affiliates but really to any online marketing efforts that feature products being promoted or sold via review sites.

Really incredible, glad I stumbled onto this thread after getting a recommendation from a Fast Attack family member this morning, nearly missed it.

Great job Jamie, highly recommended.

(Craig Mako WF Member)

“The Amazon mind control course is just brilliant. I loved the course from end to end and now know without doubt that I am going to make back the cost of buying this fantastic WSO.

How am I so confident? – I am already $1000+ Month Amazon affiliate and thought I had a great method (And I do!), but this course just blew open the doors on a few other things that I can now implement within my sites… I can’t wait to get adding this into my network of sites!

Thank you GoGetta for this WSO!”  (Chris Cole WF Member)

talk soon,