The holy grail of Internet marketing

Driving traffic is one of the biggest challenges that Internet marketers face when first starting out, after all there is not much point in having a web-site if people can’t find it or go to it !

The problem that many people have when they first start out though is that there are so many different traffic strategies to choose from :

-Getting your website ranked in Google, the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) route

-Joint-venture traffic, getting other people to promote your products

-Paid traffic (usually through PPC)


And its not always obvious what the best strategy is……..


Search Engine Optimisation “SEO”

Personally I’ve never been a big fan search engine optimisation and when I first started out I spent a whole year trying to get a bunch of my websites ranked in Google.

I had a small amount of success, but basically it didn’t work AND it was very time consuming. I seemed to be spending all my time trying to learn Google’s algorithm when really I should have been focussing my time learning how sell affiliate marketing products.

The thing about SEO is that it constantly changes, so what works today might not work tomorrow and, as we know, Google continuously changes its algorithm.

Now the interesting thing is whenever I go to mastermind meetings and speak to other high-end Internet marketers a lot of them fell into the same trap when they first started out.

Oh yes and guess what, none of them are now using SEO to get traffic to their affiliate offers and sales pages….


Joint-venture traffic.

This is a tactic that a lot of Internet marketers use when launching products. Basically you form a small network of friends who all have email lists and you have an agreement that you all promote each other’s products.

This can be a very powerful strategy and get your products exposed to literally millions of people  very quickly.

However it’s a strategy that I never really liked much. I don’t like being in a position where I’m committed to promoting someone else’s product especially when I’ve not even seen it.

And I think its never a good idea to rely on traffic that is generated by other people.


Paid traffic PPC.

Paid traffic can be expensive, hard to learn and quite frankly scary. However when I mastered PPC that’s when the serious bucks started rolling in.

The thing I like about paid traffic is that you are not relying on other people to promote your product, or hoping that Google won’t change its algorithm etc.

The thing I love about PPC is when you get it right you can spend say $100 dollars on an advert and make two or $300 back.

The thing about paid advertising is that it is instant traffic, I can put an ad up now and be getting traffic within 20 minutes.

I realise that paid traffic may appear to be an advance subject but really it’s the holy grail of Internet marketing.

If you’d like to learn more about paid traffic, reply to this email so I can gauge how many people are interested.

If enough of you are interested I would be quite happy to make some videos, showing some of the tactics which I use with paid traffic.


Tools I use for diagrams and mind maps

Whenever I’m planning a new project, product, or website I love to do diagrams or use a mind map. Below are some tools which I use to create diagrams and mind maps.




Last week saw the builders return to my house in France. Last year they did a huge amount of landscaping built a patio and repointed the entire house.

This year the builders have started inside the house. Their first job was putting in French doors from the kitchen out to the back garden.




There’s a huge amount of work for them to do so I expect they’ll be there all summer and possibly into the winter.



Arrow video

As some of you may know I’m a bit of a movie buff. Dave and I love going out to the cinema and we also love watching movies at home.

Recently I discovered a brand-new film distributor called Arrow video.

Basically what they do is re-master and release all those old B-movies which never normally make it onto Blu-ray.

I find it great fun watching these old B-movies. They also have loads of extras and interviews with the director etc.

Some of the films I recently purchased on blue Ray are,

Foxy Brown

Blow Out

Runaway Train



Hope you have a good weekend, we are meant to be having a mini heat wave in London this weekend so I know I’ll be sitting outside in the sun with my laptop.

Talk soon,




Newsletter – The White Screen Of Death

I was eating my breakfast this morning watching the news which was all about the terrible flooding that is taking place right now in the UK.

After breakfast I strolled down to my office and switched on my computer monitors and to my horror I noticed that one of my WordPress websites was not working.

When I went to the domain name all I got was a white screen ! I could not even login to the WP admin section!

What do you do when you have a problem like this? In the past I have hired an outsourcer to fix problems like this, but that takes time – like several days, and sometimes you need a problem fixed like now!

So after much searching on Google I finally found the answer, and guess what ? I managed to fix the problem myself within half an hour.

The problem was down to a conflict with a plug-in called “Tabbed Login Widget”, I managed to disable this plug-in and now my site is working fine.

Being able to repair your own WordPress site is a very good skill to have. So below is a link to the article which I found on Google all about how to repair the white screen of death…

GoTo The Article >>>

I recommend that you will bookmark this page as you may need it one day.


Government Agencies and Websites

These days everything seems to be moving online which is a good thing but sometimes it can also be a bad thing. Take my new car for example. The week I purchased my new Range Rover was the week that the DVLA  (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) decided to close down all its local branches and move everything online.

Of course the government website was not up and running properly yet and was full of all sorts of bugs. So there I was standing in the showroom after handing over almost £40,000 and the dealer was telling me that I was not allowed to take my car away because it was not taxed and insured yet!!

Basically there was a problem with the DVLA website and the dealer was not able to register any new cars as the DVLA website was down.

So after getting myself ready to drive my new car away I had to go back home empty-handed. Later that day I did finally get a phone call from the dealer telling me that my car was ready but apparently there were loads of angry people at the dealership  who could not drive their new cars away!!

The same thing has now happened with my new personalised number plates. It used to be that when you purchase a new car if you had a new personalised number plate the dealer could just pop across the road to the local DVLA office and get all the paperwork sorted out there and then.

Now that everything has to be done online all the paperwork has to be posted out, signed then posted back, then your new paperwork is posted out again……

It’s been three weeks now and I still don’t have my personalised number plates!!!!

Sorry for the rant but something these things really annoy me…..

So the move online has actually slowed things up and made things harder , not easier – you would think that someone would have sat down and thought that one through.


Free Sidebar Widget Plugin

I found this really cool WordPress plug-in the other day, and the best
thing is…… it’s free !

Whenever I have a problem with a website, in other words I want to do something that it can’t actually do, I just Google it and put on the end of my search query WordPress plug-in.

The problem I had was I wanted to be able to display banners in the sidebar of my blog. That’s all fine, however I wanted to be able to control which pages certain banners were displayed on.

So I Googled the problem and found an amazing free plug-in called, Widget Context

Widget Context gives you control over any sidebar widget giving you control over which pages or categories the widget will be shown on.

A great little free plug-in which I highly recommend.


Kindle Webinar Replay

Just a quick reminder that The Kindle Cash Flow webinar replay will be taken down this Sunday if you haven’t had a chance to view it now is your chance.

GoTo The Replay Now >>>

If you’re looking for a second income stream or just a really easy way to make some quick cash I can highly recommend you view this webinar.


The Cookie Monster

Next week look out for a new software product which I’m releasing to the public for the first time called Cookie Monster…. you’ve never seen anything like this before.


Talk soon,

Sarah Staar



Not everyone had a good Christmas

I hope all of you had a good Christmas and enjoyed yourself with friends and family, and
didn’t over-eat too much !

But I would like you to spare a thought for those whose Christmas was not so great, either
because of poverty, age, loneliness, or ill-health.

A few years ago I spent a very painful Christmas in hospital due to a stone in my
gallbladder. I ended up being in hospital for around two weeks, not my best Christmas.

So I was really upset to learn that last week Martin Avis, a good friend of mine and a
well-known Internet marketer, had a stroke early Christmas morning and was taken to

I am sure you will all join with me in wishing him, his wife, and his family all the best
and hope he makes a good and speedy recovery.

I owe a lot to Martin as it was down to him and the London Lunch event that he runs that I
got into Internet Marketing, and since then I learned the value of a list and keeping in
contact with people via newsletters.

And to bring the story full circle, when I was in hospital having my gallbladder removed
it was due to Martin that I was able to make some money while lying in bed.

So I personally owe Martin a lot…..

Quantity isn’t everything
I must have spoken to hundreds of people over the years, people like you that are trying
to make a full-time living online.

The two things I hear time and time again that seemed to be holding people back are.

1. Not having enough traffic
2. Not being able to find high-end products to promote as an affiliate.

Traffic is one of the most important things as an affiliate marketer. But quantity isn’t
everything it’s much better to have a small amount of high quality traffic that converts
into sales.

Most people struggle with traffic, but traffic isn’t everything you still need a product
to promote something that can pay you a decent commission.

If you can find a high quality traffic source and marry that up with affiliate products
that pay commissions well over the $100 mark it then becomes very easy to make money

This Thursday I’m putting on a live class all about how to find high quality traffic
sources on Facebook and how to find high-end products to promote as an affiliate.

Sign up to the webinar here >>>>

Spaces are filling up fast on this webinar, so book now…

I look forward to seeing you this Thursday.

Flying out to Miami Next Week
Next week Dave and I are flying out to Miami. Yes its that time of year again – the
Internet Marketers cruise. If you’re going to be on the cruise shoot me an email and maybe
we can meet up.

The Internet marketers cruise leaves from Miami and sales around the Caribbean for a week.
On board are hundreds of Internet marketers so it’s a great place to network and meet
like-minded people.

This year I am taking a video camera with me and I’m going to be interviewing some of the
top marketers on the cruse.

If you have any questions you’d like me to ask the top marketers please email them to me
and make sure I include them in my question list.

I will publish some of the video interviews on my website in February.
New products for 2014

The Face of Traffic

The Face of Traffic is a training course all about …… traffic generation with Facebook.
The course covers both free traffic techniques and paid traffic techniques, and there is
some stuff in there you have never heard of before….. This is bang up-to-date and I have
just finished testing some of the things I will be showing you, be warned though !! this
is a ruthlessly practical course – no Social Media hype here !!

Cookie Monster
This is a software product that I had created for my own use some years ago. It gives me a
massive edge over my competitors when I do affiliate marketing and ensures that I get
commission even on backend products.

Using this software product I can sometimes triple my affiliate income. Its totally legal
and doesn’t violate any T &C and is really effective, but only for serious marketers who
are into affiliate marketing…….

Like A Staar
This is a new series of products(ebooks and videos) called Like a Staar, the idea behind
these products are to teach the basics of Internet marketing. How to do everyday things,
things are not normally taught.

I am going to be massively extending the series products and the idea behind them is that
every time you come up against a roadblock in Internet marketing, such as how to host
video or images, you can simply find a guide and learn how to do it.

And the first of these is……..WSO Like A Staar
This is a video course and e-book all about how to set up a warrior forum special offer.
Everything is covered including, creating the WSO on the warrior forum, creating your
product, setting up your download page, and setting up your affiliate program.

And the second of these is……..Amazon S3 Like A Staar
This is a video course and e-book about how to host your content using Amazon S3.
Everything is covered from setting up your account, to using third-party software
products. How to host your video, how to protect your content etc

Video Marketing Academy
This is an extensive guide all about how shoot video like a pro, edit videos, encode them,
and upload them. Also included is how to create sales videos, and also how to do live
webinars. This is a “How to Do” course (video marketing is NOT included) and is in
response to the literally hundreds of emails I have received from you on this topic

All the best for the New Year,

Wishing you all the best whatever you’re doing, and please spare a thought for those who
are not so fortunate.


PS: don’t forget to sign up for the live webinar this Thursday >>>

 Sign up to the webinar here >>>>