All I got was a blank look…

The end of retail as we know it

last week staying with my mum in London…

I’ve got an office set up in her spare room which I use when I’m in town..

I powered up my computer and started writing a newsletter…

And then my keyboard stopped working…

I unplugged it and plugged it back in….

Then 30 minutes later the same thing happened…

Also this keyboard has a couple of keys which stick….

When it comes to keyboards and mice I’m very particular…

I find that I need to try out the keyboard first to see how it feels..

So I decided to brave PC World to try out a few high-end keyboards for myself..

I say brave PC World because I hate this store…

The staff are next to useless..

You asked them any kind of technical question and they just give you a blank look….

There’s also loud music, mixed in with noise from the TV sets….

Overall it’s a horrible experience…..

I went straight to the gaming section to have a look at the keyboards…

By the way I’ve always found that the gaming keyboards and mice seem to be the highest quality…

Even though I never play computer games….

Eventually I found a keyboard which felt really nice to type on….

The RAZER BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard….

They do come up with some very strange names for these keyboards…

Just a side note I can definitely recommend this keyboard…

Probably one of the best I’ve ever used…

But then it should be for £150!!

Anyway there I was in line waiting to pay for my new keyboard when I spotted some items on sale…

Or so I thought….

There were some things in the containers I was interested in…

One of them being a Google home assistant…

The sign on the side of the containers said “SAVE”  in big letters…

However there was no price…

I asked a member of staff if he knew how much these items were….

All I got was a blank look…

I asked if they could find out how the Google home was…

I was told I would have to take it to the till and they would have to scan it for me to do a price check….

Forget it I wasn’t interested…

This is one of the reasons why I hate PC World, and similar shops like this…

They have zero customer service…

And leave me with that feeling that I never want to come back….

However I think this is a general trend in retail….

After all there has to be a reason why…

In the UK 87% of UK retail purchases made online!!!

(I even bought my Tesla online!!)

People just prefer to shop online now…

And this is why a lot of household names are going out of business…

For example in the UK..


*Toys “R” Us

*Maplin’s (UK RadioShack)


*Blockbuster Video

This is just a few of the retailers that have gone out of business in the last few years…


Because they didn’t adapt….

People don’t go to big stores anymore to buy products…

They don’t need retail they need service….

As an example I went to a closed shop in the UK recently called next…

Again not a great experience….

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a shop where you are greeted by a personal shopper…

Someone who would help you personally, almost like a personal stylist…

They would make suggestions about what would suit you…

My vision for this would be they would have an iPad…

They were type your details in and your purchase history would come up…

They would know your shoe size dress size…

And the type of colours and products that you like…

This would provide a service which you can’t get online…

You could do a similar thing in PC World…

Instead of having a vast warehouse of the shop…

Why not have a much smaller shop…

And offer a more one-to-one service….

To help people who don’t have much technical experience….

Similar I guess to what the Apple stores do….

I predict that we will continue to see a lot of well-known retail stores go out of business in the next few years.

However I do think we will see a new breed of retail stores opening soon which will be much more of a one-on-one service….

Let’s see what happens…..

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let me know what you think…

I’d also love to hear about your success stories using this brand-new product.

I was planning to fit some movie reviews in this weeks newsletter..

However it is getting a little bit long…

So talk I will about those next week…

Have a great week whatever you’re doing…

From a cold windy and sunny France…

BTW: had some amazing rainbows over the house today, check out my Facebook profile for photos…

Talk soon,


They make it sooo complicated!!

Driving a Tesla can be an interesting experience and fun.

Apart from it being really fast and fun to drive, quite often I get people wanting to take photos of the car, and look inside, and also, lots of people asking me questions such as, how far can you drive on one charge?
That seems to be the question that everybody asks.
About 180 miles, real-world driving, in case were wondering.

Owning an electric car come with several perks. Obviously, you don’t need to buy petrol, gas.
And, here in the UK, you don’t need to worry about buying road tax, or even paying for things like the London Congestion Charge.
However, when I first got my car over a year ago, I did receive a fine in the post after my first trip into London.

It turned out that you had to register your car in advance on a government website to be exempt from the London congestion charging.

Nobody had actually informed me about this!

Last year, I paid my £10 and got my car exempt from the congestion charge. Job done, I thought.


Then last week, I was going through my spam folder and noticed an email from Transport for London.
They were informing me that my exemption for the London Congestion Charging was due to expire in seven days time.
This morning, I thought I would renew my congestion charge exemption.

I thought it would be a five minute job. How wrong I was…

1.First I had to look up the email

2.There were no links in the email, only an attached PDF document.

3. I opened the PDF document to find a website address. This was not clickable, so I had to type it manually into my web browser.

4.This took me to a login page.

5.Next, I had to work out where I had saved my username and password.

6.I tried to login, and it failed. On my second attempt, I finally logged into the website.

7.This took me to the homepage of the Transport for London. I had no idea where I would find the link to renew my congestion charge exempting.

8.After hunting around the website for over 20 minutes, I finally found the section on the website where I could pay my £10 to renew my congestion charge exemption.

9.I clicked on the link to put my card details in, and then, my card was declined!! It turns out that the Bitcoins I purchased yesterday got my debit card blocked by the bank.

10.I then had to start over again, and put a different card in, and eventually, after about 45 minutes, I had finally renewed my congestion charge exemption.


Now, I consider myself quite a technical person, since I do run an internet marketing company, and even I found this difficult.

I find it very difficult to understand how non-internet marketing people get through a process like this.
I wonder how the average person, trying to navigate around a website like this on a phone or an iPad, with very little technical knowledge, would find this process.

I guess they just give up in the end. In fact, you’ve probably been there yourself on some sort of government websites, been through the 10 or 20 steps just to do something incredibly simple.

It all comes down to usability

This is why companies like Amazon have taken over the marketplace.
They’ve removed all of the steps to buying a product. In fact, they’ve narrowed it down to one simple step, one click purchase.

I think we can all learn a lot from this, if we take this information onboard and apply it to internet marketing. This is something, which we at Sarah Staar Business School do with our one click upsells.

The same can be true with internet marketing training courses.

I see lots of other marketers creating video courses, which take a really simple concept, and end up making it incredibly complicated, and very difficult to implement.

That’s why whenever I create a training course, I try and make things as straightforward and simple to understand as possible, and give people simple step by step instructions that they can actually take action on.

This is exactly the process I like to use whenever I create my own training courses.

  • I get straight to the point
  • I make things as simple as possible
  • I give people information they can take away and start implementing straight away.

Check out

Viva Amiga

I wonder how many of you remember the Commodore Amiga Computer.

Back in 1985, the Amiga was released. It was a groundbreaking computer.
It was a full 32 bit multitasking computer with a mouse and an operating system that actually looked like Windows.

Back in a time when the Apple Mac was only black and white, the Amiga was full colour, and could actually do more than the Apple Mac, back in 1985.

It actually started a mini computer revolution back then. How do I know all this? Well, I’ve been watching an amazing documentary called Viva Amiga.


The filmmaker has been making this documentary for the past seven or eight years. And sometime ago, I can’t even remember when, probably about seven or eight years ago, I donated some money to help produce the film.

Since then, they’ve also done a Kickstarter campaign to get the film finished off. I must say, it’s an amazing documentary. You really should go and check it out. I’ll put a link to it here.

Oh well, must go now as I’m really busy recording a whole load of brand new training videos for a new training course I’ve got coming out very, very soon.

have a wonderful day whatever you are doing,


Sarah Staar

By the way: Earlier this morning I decided to phone up the bank to get my card unblocked, I was on the phone for over 40 minutes!! That’s another story…

It’s illegal

I was standing in the pouring rain. It was freezing cold, and I was in central London. I was analysing a rather alarmingly large crack, which had appeared in my Tesla’s windscreen.

tesla Crack in WindscreenThis meant that I couldn’t drive my car as it’s illegal to drive with a large crack in your windscreen, so I had to arrange for my windscreen to be replaced while I was still in London.

After a quick call to my insurance company, I discovered that they would pay for the whole thing and should be able to get my windscreen replaced the very same day.

However, I quickly discovered that when you own a car like a Tesla things take a little bit longer and tend to be a bit more complicated as most windscreen companies don’t have Tesla windscreens in stock.
The insurance company told me to phone up Auto Glass, a windscreen repair company, and get them to come out and repair the windscreen.

That’s exactly what I did.

After spending half an hour on the phone to Auto Glass, they informed me that they didn’t actually have a Tesla windscreen in stock and would have to get back to me later in the day.

Guess what? They never called me back.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens.

The next day, I called them back. Guess what?

After spending over an hour on the phone they informed me that someone would have to get back to me in the next few days. I was outraged.

Then, the weirdest thing happened.

The next day, I received an email telling me that my appointment had been arranged, and they were coming to fit my new windscreen at 11 A.M!

Bizarre since I’d never actually made an appointment.

Auto Glass showed up at 11 A.M. and proceeded to replace my windscreen. I was amazed that one guy could actually do the job himself.

However, it did take him over two hours to replace the windscreen but there was a problem.

My car has a neat feature called autopilot. Basically, the car will drive itself whilst on fast roads such as motorways or highways.

To do this, it uses sensors and video cameras, which are placed all over the car, including the windscreen.

The windscreen repair guy told me that he could not recalibrate the system as this is something that Tesla had to do and it might cost up to £800 to get this done.

I checked on the Tesla forum, and somebody told me that the autopilot system is a self-calibrating system.

Basically, it learns from your driving! After about 100 miles, the autopilot should work again.

On my way back to France, I tried the autopilot out, and sure enough, it wasn’t working properly. The car was swerving way too far to the right, almost driving on the white line.

However, after about 100 miles of manual driving, the car had recalibrated itself and learnt from my driving, and the autopilot actually worked like it used to.

Pretty incredible when you think we now have learning computers in our cars. I guess it’s a form of artificial intelligence.

Now, the interesting thing is that it’s not just cars that use artificial intelligence.

Believe it or not, advertising platforms such as Google and YouTube advertising also use artificial intelligence.

Not many people know this

For the past 10 years, I’ve been getting the majority of my traffic from YouTube.

I’ve recently detailed everything I know about YouTube advertising and put it into a brand new course called Video Hacker Pro.

The best thing about YouTube advertising is Google has invested huge sums of money in artificial intelligence.

And guess what…
We can use that system to get traffic to our website.
Click here to find out more 🙂

Book I Am Reading This Week
Elon Musk: 
Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
This week I’ve been rereading the Elon Musk book.
This is the second time I’ve read this book, and it gives a detailed history of how Elon Musk got started and the companies he’s formed.

It gives me great inspiration to read about somebody who worked so hard and has such amazing visions.
Nearly every single business idea Elon Musk has ever had, people have told him, “It can’t be done. It’s impossible.”

Guess what? He’s proved them wrong. He’s made it work. This is why I find this book really inspirational, and gives me the drive to carry on building my business.
Definitely worth reading if you want the inspiration and drive to be successful online.

Must go now as I’ve got a tonne of stuff to do. After reading Elon Musk’s book I feel that I haven’t been working hard enough, and I need to put more hours in my business to become even more successful.

Talk soon,